Monday, May 22, 2017

MIG — Making Israel Great!

“From there, I'll head to the Vatican, where I will have the great honor of an audience with Pope Francis. I look forward to speaking with the Pope about how Christian teachings can help put the world on a path to justice, freedom, and peace.”

Trump’s full of it...

Saudi Barbaria finances the terrorists and Israel created them in the prison camps of the Federal government of the United States’ military in Iraq.

My fellow Americans,

This weekend I begin my first trip overseas as president – a trip with historic significance for the American people.

I will be visiting with the leaders in many different countries to strengthen our old friendships, build new partnerships, and unite the civilized world in a fight against terrorism.

In that spirit of unity, I will travel to lands associated with three of the world's great religions.

My first stop will be Saudi Arabia – the heart of the Muslim World. There, I will address a historic gathering of the leaders of more than 50 Muslim nations. I will represent the views of the American people frankly and clearly.

Many of these leaders have expressed growing concern about terrorism, the spread of radicalization, and Iran's role in funding both. Now it appears Muslim leaders are ready to take more responsibility and a much bigger role in fighting terrorism in their region. It’s about time we do it, we’ll do it together, but it has to be done.

America cannot solve all of the world's problems, but we can – and we must – help any nation willing to join in the common cause of eradicating terrorism from the face of the earth.

Next, I'll travel to the ancient city of Jerusalem to talk with my good friend, Prime Minister Netanyahu, about bringing peace and prosperity to both our nations. Israel is an important American ally, but in recent years we haven't always treated them that way. It's time to renew our friendship.

While I'm there, I'll also meet with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in Bethlehem to discuss ways to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

From there, I'll head to the Vatican, where I will have the great honor of an audience with Pope Francis. I look forward to speaking with the Pope about how Christian teachings can help put the world on a path to justice, freedom, and peace.

I will also meet with friends and allies in Europe at a gathering of NATO in Brussels and at the G-7 Summit in Italy. Finally, I will close my trip by saying thank you to some of the courageous men and women of the United State Military serving their nation overseas.

In my Inaugural Address, I pledged to strengthen America's oldest friendships, to seek new partners in pursuit of peace, and above all – to always put American people first.

I also pledged that our partners must show that they’re partners, they must show that they’re friends, and they must contribute financially to the tremendous cost – the money that we’re spending – is so big; it’s so much; and it’s not fair for our nation.  They have to help and I’m sure they will. The fact is that I'm excited about new possibilities for peace and prosperity – and I hope you are too.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

source for transcript: White House, President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address - 19 May 2017

Francis, ‘Don’t make Church doctrine the ideology which governs your life...else you are a fanatic!’

A person who wants clarity is a heretic!

The Pope pointed to the “liberty of the Spirit” that leads to agreement: so, he said, the gentiles were allowed to enter the Church without having to undergo circumcision. It was at the heart of the “first Council” of the Church: the Holy Spirit and they, the Pope with the Bishops, all together,” gathered together in order “to clarify the doctrine;” and later, through the centuries – as at Ephesus or at Vatican II – because “it is a duty of the Church to clarify the doctrine,” so that “what Jesus said in the Gospels, what is the Spirit of the Gospels, would be understood well”:
“But there were always people who without any commission go out to disturb the Christian community with speeches that upset souls: ‘Eh, no, someone who says that is a heretic, you can’t say this, or that; this is the doctrine of the Church.’ And they are fanatics of things that are not clear, like those fanatics who go there sowing weeds in order to divide the Christian community. And this is the problem: when the doctrine of the Church, that which comes from the Gospel, that which the Holy Spirit inspires – because Jesus said, “He will teach us and remind you of all that I have taught’ – [when] that doctrine becomes an ideology. And this is the great error of those people.”

These individuals, the Pope explained, “were not believers, they were ideologized,” they had an ideology that closed the heart to the work of the Holy Spirit.

source: Vatican Radio, Pope Francis: doctrine unites, ideology divides
original Italian: Vatican, Dottrina e ideologia, 19 May 2017

Catholic doctrine unites but Catholic ideology divides!

Solve et Coagula

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Francis a “devotee of the broom”

Francis the humble first Moslem sweeping St. Peter’s
Square after a Wednesday general audience.

“Some are devotees of the saint, others of ecology, 
and I am devotee of the broom he used.”

Martin de Porres Velázquez, O.P. (1579 AD -1639 AD) was a lay brother in the Dominican Order.  He is often portrayed with a broom.   This is a representation of his humility and the way he dedicated himself with love to even the most menial of tasks — something which Francis is entirely deficient of.  As we see in the video Francis is the joker when it come to the Catholic Faith but is pious and respectful when it comes to Islam and Talmudic Judaism.

After finishing sweeping, Francis’ inner-Jew came out and put a kabbalistic spell
on the broom.  Which he proceeded to ride back to Casa Santa Marta.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Menorah exhibit — “the emblem of Judaism par excellence” “in the heart of the Vatican”

The Menorah: Worship, History, and Myth

“The exhibition "La Menorà. Culto, storia e mito" (The Menorah: worship, history and myth) is the name of the exhibition that from 16 May to 23 July will be on simultaneous display in the Braccio di Carlo Magno of the Vatican Museums, and in the Jewish Museum of Rome.

The exhibition represents the first joint project between the two institutions, and is a high profile cultural and symbolic initiative, a "sign of successful collaboration between Jews and Christians in the city where they have lived side by side for over twenty centuries".

The exhibition, curated by Alessandra Di Castro, Arnold Nesselrath and Francesco Leone, narrates the history of the Menorah – the seven-branched lamp and symbol of the identity of the Jewish people – through a complex and rich itinerary featuring 150 works of art, comprising sculptures, paintings, architectural elements, manuscripts and book illustrations.”
source: Vatican Museums, La Menorà Culto, storia e mito

Francis and Zion Evrony.

The reason given by the Vatican for ‘La Menorà Culto, storia e mito’ exhibit is, “to make an actual conrtibution to dialogue and cooperation between the Jewish and the Christian world”.  Dialogue is a one-way racket or one-way street with the Novus Ordo goose-stepping to the dictates of the Talmudic Jews.  Four years in the making, this “project is based on the most ancient and important identity symbol of Judaism.”  The impetus behind the idea was Zion Evrony, the then Israeli ambassador to the Holy See, who was inspired in October 2013 when at the Jewish Museum of Rome examining a hodgepodge of menorah images and fables.  It was decided to base the new exhibit on the 2008 exhibit ‘Da Gerusalemme a Roma, e ritorno: il viaggio della menora fra storia e mito’ shown at the Jewish Museum of Rome.   Zion Evrony is buddies with Francis.  Not only did he help organize Francis’ trip to Israel in 2014, he accompanied him there!   Enrony was the Israeli ambassador to the Vatican from 2012 to 2016 and currently teaches at the Catholic University of America (i.e. the pope’s university).

Barbara Jatta, the Director of the Vatican Museums, writes, “This is the first time our two communities have cooperated with such commitment and the significance and value of such a relationship is evinced by its inherent symbolic meaning.”  Jatta continues later explaining one dimension of this symbolism, “The Braccio di Carlo Magno at the Vatican is an imposing and prestigious venue. [...] It is a prominent exhibition space because it is located in the heart of the Vatican, in the symbolic center of the State of the Vatican City, and also because it is part of the ideal embrace of the faithful and of all peoples created by Pope Alexander Chigi and Bernini through the design of the colonnade in St. Peter’s Square.”

The exhibits includes, “astonishing and dazzling rarities as a large 1st century stone engraved with a bas-relief from the site of the ancient synagogue of Magdala in Galilee, discovered only a few years ago, some extremely rare Roman glass decorated in gold, sarcophagi and tombstones from the Jewish catacombs in Rome, the Carolingian Bible of St. Paul, the imposing 14th and 15th century Christian seven-branch candelabra, Roman Baroque silverware and paintings by such masters as Giulio Romano, Andrea Sacchi, Nicolas Poussin and Marc Chagall. And finally, an important role will be played by educational panels in a concrete effort to encourage children to set off down the path of knowledge, dialogue and mutual understanding.”

What does the Vatican have to say about “the emblem of Judaism par excellence”?  In their official press release one reads that the menorah is also, “a tangible evocation of divine light, of the cosmic order of creation and of the ancient covenant, a symbol of the Burning Bush and the Tree of Life, a testimonial to the biblical Shabbat”.  The press release even states that Christianity appropriated the menorah from the Talmudic Jews!  What a bunch of malarkey.

According to the Talmudic Jews, the menorah symbolizes the wisdom of the Talmud and the light it shines on the world of darkness.  The blasphemous Talmud, “illuminates the path to a spiritual, meaningful and fulfilling life.”  Not only does it symbolize that but also the “indestructibility” of the Talmudic Jews who “are the constant light that never went out!”

The Symbolism of the Menorah:
The Light of the Jewish People 
by Rabbi Avraham Plotkin

Kabbalistic Symbolism of the Menorah

source: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic & Mysticism, 2nd Edition, by Rabbi
Geoffrey W. Dennis, page 356 of the epub edition, see entry Menorah

Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, the chief rabbi of Rome, writing in the exhibit catalogue said, “The Jewish link with the menorah is ancient, strong and full of symbolic significance, and the link has never been broken.”  The ‘miracle of Hannukah’, according to the rabbis, in which a menorah was lit for eight days even though there was not enough oil for eight days, happened because of God’s “delight in the Jewish people” themselves, and their vainglorious celebrations.  With the material covered above it is obvious that the formerly occult is now blatantly on public display for the world to see.  The heart of the Vatican is the emblem of Judaism par excellence.  Francis and his rabbinical brethren are continuing to alchemically process the pew sitters into their noahide golem creatures.  The only thing left is for the Chabad-Lubavitchers to erect one of their giant Maimonides’ menorahs in St. Peter’s Square.  As we have previously written,

“soon St. Peter’s will resemble a synagogue and the Vatican a shtetl.”

The delightful vainglorious celebrations of the indestructible Talmudic Jews, the light that never went out!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Don the Con — The Donald and his connection to Putin via Russia’s ruling oligarchy

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 WARNING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 




🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 WARNING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

If America had a free press this is the type of investigative reporting that would be done.  Hillary Clinton has her Clinton Foundation, in order to collect bribes, but Donald Trump has a different angle in the same corrupt game.  Clinton and Obama were run by the Chicago mob while Trump is run by the New York mob.  These two mobs are parts of the larger Orthodox crime family which together controls: Las Vegas, Hollywood, and the mainstream news among other things.

When he was young, Trump was mentored by organized crime figure and homosexual Roy Cohn and his father, Fred Trump.  The Donald expanded his father’s corrupt empire from making money off of the government and insider deals to washing money and providing a ‘clean name’ for the New York mob’s investments.  This two part video series, by the Dutch television program ZEMBLA and produced by VARA and NPS, covers how Trump now does this internationally and for Russian oligarchs.

This series only scratches the surface of Trump’s oligarch business partners and their crimes.  We hope that there is a follow up series dealing with Trump’s friendship with Israeli intelligence asset Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous Lolita Express as well as Trump’s and his father’s connection to Orthodox Talmudic Judaism, especially the various Haredi sects including the notorious criminal Chabad-Lubavitchers.  Why is it that Chabad is always in the corridors of power whether it be Washington, D. C., Moscow, the Holy See, or Tel Aviv / Jerusalem?

Another item that needs to be investigated is who are the foreign creditors to whom Jared Kushner owes $4 billion?  This is very important as Jared has $1.1 billion loan coming due in 2019.  The Donald himself according to our research is in debt to the tune of $1.9 billion at the least.

Why is The Donald handing out key government positions to dual-citizens such as Steve Roth who is overseeing $4 trillion of infrastructure spending?  This is a problem because to whom do they owe their loyalty to?  The country they commit their crimes in or the whole-in-the-wall they flee to which seldom extradites them?  What is the role of the Talmud and the Kabbalah in all of this?  Is it any wonder Trump has declared his loyalty to Israel, endorsed ‘Holocaustianity’ as the unofficial religion of the nation, looked the other way when ‘anti-semitism’ is committed by Talmudic Jews themselves,  bombed Syria at the behest of his daughter Yael Kushner and rabbis, and cited the Lurianic Kabbalah concept of “tikkun olam” in his proclamation declaring May as Jewish American Heritage Month.  We could go on and on but this should suffice.

Despite his pledge to stop immigration from war torn Moslem countries, Trump has increased refugees from Moslem countries by 300% as compared to Obama and it’s only May!  Trump has waffled on the majority of his campaign promises.  When Trump and Francis meet in late May the two should get along swimmingly as they share similar goals and have mutual Haredi friends. Returning to the subject of ZEMBLA’s two part investigation we would add that Trump is a whore who is complicit in the crimes committed by his backers.

Part One: The dubious friends of Donald Trump

Part Two: Trump and the ‘King of Diamonds’

source: VARA, The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the-russians

More on some of the ‘Russian’ oligarchs Trump is in bed with: