Saturday, June 16, 2018

It’s not Friday but Francis has a fortune for you

Wonders never cease, nor does the stupidity which exits from the mouth of Francis.  In his address to the Delegation of the Forum of Family Associations in Clementine Hall, Francis gave the advice that, “Love is like making pasta: every day.”  The context which he said this in can be seen here but in essence what Francis was saying is that: men should be men, women should be women, and they should help each other in this; and that family is a good sacrifice.  Doesn’t make much sense, does it?  There is much more to be said about Francis’ speech but that will save for another day and another post.

Straight from the pasta lover’s mouth!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Vatican spokesman explains why Cardinal Parolin attended Bilderberg Group take Francis’ Yiddish Gospel to the ‘peripheries’

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, accepted an invitation to address the controversial and secretive Bilderberg Meeting earlier this month in order to take the teaching of the Church to a group who would not otherwise hear it, a Vatican spokesman has told the Register. 
The spokesman said Italian organizers of the visit were persistent in extending an invitation to the most senior Vatican official after Pope Francis to this year’s event, which took place June 7-10 in Turin, Italy. “The cardinal decided to take part after the Italian organizers very insistently invited him to the meeting six months ago,” the spokesman explained. “He thought about it for a long time and, after consulting the necessary people, he decided to go.” 
In his June 15 comments to the Register, the Vatican spokesman stressed that Parolin “did not ask to go” to the event, but decided to attend after a “long process of consultation.” He said he did not know why the organizers were so insistent, except that it was probably because Pope Francis is an “important voice” on the world stage. 
The Vatican Secretary of State was there for a “short time — about an hour and three quarters,” he disclosed, during which the cardinal gave an address about the “social doctrine of the Church” followed by a question and answer session. 
The Pope was certainly aware of the cardinal’s participation, the spokesman said, and that the cardinal was “fully aware of the controversial nature” of the event but felt encouraged by having already met many of the participants in “other contexts.” 
“He already knew some of the people, prime ministers and so on,” the spokesman said. 
The Vatican spokesman brushed off concerns about the secretive nature of the event, saying that the Chatham House Rule is well known and widely used. “Various other meetings have the same rules,” he said. The Bilderberg Meeting says participants are free to discuss the meeting and do so every year, but they are asked not to quote each other. 
Some have speculated that this year’s event was to discuss how to thwart rising nationalist and populist movements, seen most clearly in the election of President Donald Trump, Brexit, and the recent elections in Italy which saw two populist parties gain power. 
The Vatican spokesman said he “could not say anymore” on the issue, reiterating that the cardinal was there “simply to convey Catholic social teaching” and to take “the voice of the Church to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear it.” 
Although the spokesman wasn’t present with the cardinal, he said he believed his speech and remarks were “very well received.” 
The Register contacted the Bilderberg Meeting to ask why the organizers were so insistent on having the cardinal participate and whether it seeks to promote a globalist agenda, but it has not yet responded.

excerpted from, Spokesman Explains Why Cardinal Parolin Attended Bilderberg Meeting by Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, 15 June 2018.


Holocaustianity — a WJC-Vatican Partnership

Humble “Who am I to judge?” Francis has no problem judging others when it comes to those who question his religion.

“Those who deny the Holocaust are crazy!”

The World Jewish Congress presents...


“There are people who deny the Holocaust – still today. It's madness, but it happens. And it's incomprehensible.”

Tall Tales from the Concentration Camps

#NeverForget the bars of soap

Don’t let the #Memory of the apple die

#WeRemeber Irene Zisblatt’s diamonds

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Is the Vatican paying residuals to The United Methodist Church?

The logo for The Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region in Rome 2019 was released earlier this week.  Quickly examining it, doesn’t it look an awful lot like the flame & cross logo of the United Methodist Church?  Since it is trademarked and synonymous with methodists, one wonders if the Vatican is making royalty payments to the The United Methodist Church?  Will they adopt the rumored exceptions — for having married priests and female deacons at the Synod — as the Methodists have too?  Regardless, look for the upcoming Synod to be a circus planned down to its last detail where a predetermined anti-Catholic agenda is shoved down the throats of all and billed as grass-root democracy, in which the people tell Francis what Catholicism ought to be.

 The Vatican’s copy-and-paste design for the upcoming Synod.

The iconic symbol of the methodists.

Kiko Argüello celebrates Talmudic Judaism & Noahide Holocaustianity

The Neocatechumenal Way celebrates its 40th anniversary of its arrival in Berlin with a concert performance of ‘The Suffering of the Innocents’, a symphony by its founder, Kiko Argüello.  The symphony, ‘The Suffering of the Innocents’ presents Talmudic Judaism as if it is the Old Testament religion practiced by the Holy Family.  Can you imagine Jesus the Christ praying to Hashem (i.e. The Name)?  Or the Blessed Virgin Mary abandoning her son, Jesus, at the foot of Cross in order that she can cry with the Talmudic Jews (who brag they killed her son, see Talmud Sanhedrin 43a (Steinsaltz Edition) page 158 & page 159) in the ‘gas chambers’ while they recite the Shema Yisrael? (Which is a denial of the divinity of Jesus the Christ.)  Look no further than the absurd mockery composed by Kiko Argüello.  He and the rabbis have been bringing the altar of the ‘Holocaust’ to the members of the Neocatechumenal Way and the world for years, masquerading as Catholicism. The Neocatechumenal Way sells itself as having rediscovered early Christianity — converting pagans into Christians — when the reality is the Neocatechumenal Way converts gentiles into noahide members of Holocaustianity who look to their Christ denying and Christ killing ‘elder brothers’ for guidance.  Francis, Benedict XVI, and John Paul II love this garbage.  It’s not a stretch to say that they are in agreement with the rabbis in cursing those who don’t go along with this charade.  If these outright falsehoods, accepted and celebrated by the hierarchy and pewsitters of the Novus Ordo, don’t send cold shivers down your spine, what would?

 (underlines are ours for emphasis)
Francis’ message 
To His Excellency Most Reverend Msgr. Heiner Koch, Archbishop of Berlin 
Pope Francis has joyfully heard that the execution of the symphony "The Suffering of the Innocents" by Kiko Argüello is to be held in Berlin and greets all those who agreed to the occasion of this event at the Berliner Philharmonie. Rooted in tradition and inspired by biblical lamentations, this symphony commemorates the many victims of the Shoah. Never must the memory of the atrocious violence, the indescribable pain and the extermination of a people cease. It is rather a constant warning to all of us of a commitment to reconciliation, mutual understanding and love towards the "elder brothers", the Jews, and at the same time to a life dedicated to the suffering, the needy and all those who from the profound yearning to salvation. 
With the best personal wishes. 
Pietro Cardinal Parolin Secretary of State of His Holiness 

Celebrating 40 years of the Neocatechumenal Way in Berlin

A message from the composer, Kiko Argüello 
Dear brothers and sisters: How could I presume to compose music? Is it my pride? Or my vanity? Be that as it may, an elderly priest once told me: “Never avoid doing good for fear of vanity, because that comes from the devil.” 
To do good...” Is it good to try to compose music? I present to you a small musical composition, which I would like to be a homage to the suffering of the innocents. Can music, perhaps, say something more profound on such a significant theme...? The suffering of the innocents... The philosopher Sartre said: “Woe to the man whom the anger of God crushes against the wall,” and Nietzsche: “If God exists and does not help those who suffer, he is a monster, and if he cannot help them, he is not God, he does not exist.” 
To be crushed against the wall. Men lying on the street, dying of cold. Children abandoned and housed in horrific orphanages, where they suffer violence and are abused. That woman, whom I knew in that neighborhood, suffering from Parkinson's disease, abandoned by her husband, whose mentally-ill son beat her with a stick, and was begging for alms. I was overwhelmed… 
What a mystery the suffering of so many innocents who bear the sin of others: incest, a violence unheard of, that line of naked women and children going towards the gas chamber, and that deep pain of one of the guards who was hearing inside his heart a voice: get in line with them and go with them to die; and he did not know where that voice was coming from… 
Many say that after the horror of Auschwitz it is no longer possible to believe in God. No! It is not true! 
In this symphony, Mary is portrayed totally submitted to the scandal of the suffering of the innocents in her own flesh. “Oh, what pain!” a voice sings as a sword pierces her soul, united to all the mothers that watched their children being killed in the concentration camps, that wept while singing Shema Yisrael. We wish to offer this work as a bridge of love and reconciliation. 

A message from the composer, Kiko Argüello, The suffering of the Innocents.

Two rabbis comment on ‘The 
Suffering of the Innocents’ in 2012

Rabbi David Rosen  

 Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Friday, June 8, 2018

the new evangelization of the Novus Ordo — The Thirsting

“The Thirsting is an excellent example of one way to actualize The New Evangelization.” 

Who would want to drink of the Novus Ordo?

Notice, you come to the table because 
there is no altar in the Novus Ordo

Ruining a beautiful Catholic song 

What type of person would honor God in this manner?

Are they intentionally mocking the Catholic 
Faith or just complete idiots?

“The so-called ‘spirit’ of the [Second Vatican] council … is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised if we are to proceed with the Lord’s work...we have sometimes lost sight of who we are and what we believe, and therefore have little to offer the world that so desperately needs the Gospel.” — Bishop Nickless