Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inspired by Francis' words

"If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” - Pope Francis

This past Christmas season Don Paolo Tondelli, the curé of Novellara, reflected on  those words and decided to do something about it.  On Christmas Day in the church where the Nativity Scene was displayed appeared two St. Josephs and no Blessed Virgin Mary!  How could a priest albeit of the Novus Ordo even think of doing such a thing?  Imagine if a prelate had said Our Lord had two fathers and no mother back in the middle ages!  The Catholics of the church would have arrested the man.  Such are the poisonous fruits of  the Novus Ordo Missae & the 2nd Vatican Council.  What did Fr. Tondelli have to say about his manger?
"The family is formed by a man and woman but my crib meant to be a provocation on such sensitive a topic being talked about so much these days."
Fr. Tondelli had warned his bishop Massimo Camisasca of his blasphemous and sacrilegious idea before he carried it out.  Bishop Camisasca didn't see it fit to do anything until after the deed had been done.  Fr. Tondelli has a blog which shows signs of his obsession with sexuality, adolescents, psychology and drugs.

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