Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let us spray, it's graffiti SuperFrancis!

Italian street artist Mauro Pallotta (aka MAUPAL) posing next to his creation of SuperFrancis.  The black satchel Francis is carrying reads "VALORES" which translates into English as "values".  Peaking out of the black briefcase is a scarf with the red & blue colors of Francis' favorite football team, San Lorenzo.  In a video interview Mauro Pallotta says, "everyone needs superheroes," and this is the impetus behind the artwork.  When Vatican Insider talked with Pallotta he had this to say,
 “like the Marvel superheroes that are metaphors of Greek mythology. In this case it’s modern mythology we’re talking about. Francis is a superhero and he uses his power for the good of the people. That’s why he’s a very “pop” Pope. In his hand he carries a briefcase with Christian values and a scarf with the colours of the San Lorenzo football team. This makes him more human. He’s human and he’s humble but he’s a superhero"
 Several things are of interest about this piece of street art:

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