Sunday, February 2, 2014

“Ah, another one who has the same virus.”

On 15 April, 2013, Jorge received the Patriarch of Jerusalem and his Vicars in a private audience at the Vatican.  When being introduced to the Vicars, Jorge had the following exchange with one of the priests:

For those who are unfamiliar with the term kehillot, it simply means a secular or jewish religious community.  The kehillot is based off of the Kahal a theocratic jewish religious community.  There are many types of kehillot in existence today, Zionist, Marxist-Bund, Marxist-Zionist, Haredi (Orthodox Jews), ad nauseum.  Why does Fr. David say he is a “Jew among Arabs?”  How could anyone confuse a follower of Christ for a Jew?  Is Fr. David lighting menorahs and praying in Talmudic Jewish synagogues like Jorge?  When Jorge responds, "Ah, another one who has the same virus" what in the world does he mean?  What is a virus?  A virus is an infectious agent that needs a host to replicate and causes disease or is something which poisons ones mind or soul.  Jorge is being truthful in the sense he in is infected with the viruses of Judaism and modernism.

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