Monday, February 24, 2014

Does Francis have 'Il Calendario Romano' hanging by his desk?

(Il Calendario Romano 2014)
Il Calendario Romano is a calendar composed and sold by Venice based photographer/realtor Piero Pazzi. This is the tenth year he has produced it.  Little is known about the fifty-one year old Pazzi.  He sells over 100,000 copies of the calendar every year.  It retails for 10 € or approximately $14 US and can be found in gift shops surrounding and in the Vatican City State.  This suggests the Vatican has no problem with the image this calendar promotes, a kind of quasi-endorsement.  Of his calendar, Piero Pazzi says, "Yes, the men are good-looking, but it is just a product, a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican.”  The calendar is popular among sodomites from Great Britain and the United States as well as Protestant ministers of Nordic countries.  Mr. Pazzi also does a brisk business selling them at World Youth Days.

Il Calendario Romano has its own website, where a casting call for single priests to appear in future editions is advertised, as well as a facebook page.  It has been written of by several Italian newspapers & magazines and in addition Variety, the Huffington Post, National Catholic Reporter, and quite a few sodomite publications which we will leave unnamed.

(photo from Il Calendario Romano)
(photo from Il Calendario Romano)
(Il Calendario Romano for sell)
As can be seen from some of the sample images above, the calendar consists of portraits of priests where the focus is on how handsome they are.  Little is shown about the catholic faith in the photos and like the Novus Ordo Missae it is all centered around man.  Some publications have commented the calendar is 'homoerotic' and others have said the calendar is full of 'Roman beefcakes' & 'hottie clerics'.

The calendar was first published during the reign of John Paul II.  The silence of the Vatican regarding this calendar shows a continuity between the reigns of Benedict XVI and Francis. Andrea Gagliarducci (author) has written about and Archbishop Georg Ganswein (papal secretary) has recently spoken of this continuity.  What is the Vatican II church known for in the past twenty years if not the behavior of notorious homosexual degenerate priests and pedophiles?  By sweeping the scandals caused by the behavior of these clerics under the rug and pretending the victims are at fault, it matters little whether John Paul II, Benedict XVI, or Francis is in charge.    Francis' pro-sodomite public relations firms haven't seen it fit to do anything about the calendar either and the policy of denial remains the same.  They must be following Francis' example.  To quote Francis,
One wonders does Francis have one of these Il Calendario Romano hanging over his desk in the Domus Sanctæ Marthæ?  If not Francis, then does Msgr. Battista Ricca have one on his office wall over at the Vatican Bank?

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