Monday, February 17, 2014

Francis tips his hand

This past Friday, Francis applied to renew his Argentinian ID card & passport.  We believe Jorge Mario Bergoglio is tipping his hand on how he feels about himself as pontiff of the Novus Ordo religion.  A peek into the psyche of Francis - to quote the well known saying, "actions speak louder than words!"

Below is a English translation of the article, "En el Vaticano, el papa Francisco tramitó el pasaporte y el DNI argentino" from La Nación via Rorate Caeli.  As always the underline are ours.
It is always said that pope Francis remembers his country, Argentina, even though he is now the head of the smallest state in the world. In the Vatican, Jorge Bergoglio renewed his passport and applied for his new DNI [National Identity Document], which will be the only valid one from next year.
The Minister of Interior and Transportation, Florencio Randazzo, informed today that, "pope Francis applied for his new Argentinian DNI and Passport last Friday and will receive it in the next few days in the residence he declared, in the Vatican," according to a communiqué of the office.
"His Holiness spoke to Juan Pablo Cafiero, our ambassador before the Vatican, and informed him that he would like to keep traveling around the world with the Argentinian passport, due to which the procedure was started by way of the digital center we have working in Rome," Randazzo declared.
"Francis expressly asked not to enjoy any privilege, the reason for which both his New DNI and Passport have followed the regular administrative path," the civil servant emphasized. "The Pope went through a procedure as the one all Argentinians follow, in which a digital photograph, his fingerprint and his signature were collected in about 15 minutes; and in the next few days he will be receiving it in Domus Sanctae Marthae, in the Vatican, which he declared as his residence."
"This new gesture of the Pope for our country fills us with pride," Randazzo added, recalling that Bergoglio has had a Vatican passport from the beginning of his pontificate, on March 19 [2013].

Several questions come to mind:
  • Why is Francis keeping his Argentinian citizenship current?  
  • Is he planning on retiring from the Vatican one day and returning back to Buenos Aires?  
  • Is he the sovereign of the Vatican City State or not?  
  • Why does he travel on his Argentinian passport and not his Vatican City State passport? 
  • What government bureaucrats issue a passport & ID card three days after they were applied for through the regular administrative channels?
  • Is Francis filling out and paying Argentinian taxes still?
  • Francis' gesture fills Argentinians with pride, isn't pride the worst of the seven deadly sins?
  • Why is Francis yet again demeaning the pontifical office he was elected to? 
  • Are Francis' heart and mind with God or Argentina?

(the Argentinian passport & ID card of Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Francis)

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  1. In order to keep Argentinian citizenship it would not be necessary to renew a passport since such documents are not an essential component of citizenship.

    Passports are only essential for travel or diplomatic protection.

    Its just another aspect of Pope Francises peculiar and disturbing attitude to his job
    that he renewed a document for which he has no official or current requirement.

    Vatican heads of state would receive diplomatic priviledges and should a passport be required then the Vatican can and does issue its own passports.