Friday, February 21, 2014

Jorge is a Rotarian

Jorge is a honorary Rotarian since 1999In the year 2005 he was named Argentina’s Rotarian of the Year.  The official Rotarian website claims their founder, Paul P. Harris, wasn’t a freemason but many of its first members were.  The pin shown in the photo below is from this same website.  Much of the philosophy of the Freemasons and the Rotarians is similar.  

On 14 June 1979 John Paul II addressed at their international convention which was held in Rome, Italy that year and in 2000 the Jubilee Year, he welcomed many Rotarians who were on pilgrimages to the Vatican.  Like his predecessor John Paul II, Jorge isn’t letting a decree stop him from participating in Rotary.

(Photo above is then Cardinal Bergoglio in 2010 with Italian Rotarian Roberto Guia 

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