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Football jersey Friday #2

(A hurricane in the Vatican!)
Another one from the you cannot make this stuff up file!  José Maria di Paola aka Padre Pepe presented Francis with a Huracán (hurricane) jersey at Domus Sanctæ Marthæ in late August 2013.  He is a good friend and was a star presbyter under then bishop Jorge Bergoglio.  Club Atletico Huracán is located in the Parque Patricious neighborhood of Buenos Aires.  They are the historical rival of Francis' beloved Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro even though, Huracán plays in the 'B' League while San Lorenzo play in the 'A' League.  Padre Pepe is a famous ex-slum priest of Argentina.  Ex- because after years of dedicated slum service, he was given a nicer parish.
(Bergoglio in 1998 during a visit to the Villa 21-24 shanty town in Buenos Aires)
When one takes the God instituted Tridentine Latin Mass away from the people and substitutes it with the man made Novus Ordo Missae the people turn to places other than religion to relieve themselves of their sorrows.  Into this void steps the sport of football Francis is so obsessed with.  Not finding solace in the Novus Ordo Missae or football, many turn to drugs.

(First it was a hurricane but now it's a melee in the Vatican!)
Which bring us to the other gift Padre Pepe gave Francis, a copy of Cuerpo a cuerpo*, the book he 'wrote' but was complied by Victor Primc.  Victor said, "Cardinal Bergoglio was the first to use this expression (cuerpo a cuerpo)."  It was intended as a handbook on how to combat the growing drug problem in the slums before Argentina ends up a narco state like Mexico.  According to the La Stampa article, Argentina, cuerpo a cuerpo contra la droga (as always underline are ours):
"Bergoglio has always supported the priests and their work in the slums. Not only the creation of the Home (neighborhood center**) and its inauguration, which he attended on Holy Thursday March 20, 2008 in the Virgin of Luján parish there has washed the feet of six children who are drug addicts thus showing that the Church is willing to serve victims of this scourge. Then he blessed the facilities of home, the center of the district of San Alberto Hurtado in villa 21, from this time has returned many times to meet with (those) whom he worked, celebrating the sacraments, opening new offices or just being with the guys. The book opens with a letter sent by Francis a week after becoming pope to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Home."
To recap :
  1. take the Tridentine Latin Mass away & the Sacraments,
  2. substitute the counterfeit man made Novus Ordo Missae & football,
  3. watch all sort of problems result including drug addiction & dreaded poverty and,
  4. prescribe more Novus Ordo Missae, football, and a handbook to solve everything!
Let's see, cause the problem then propose the solution to the said problem.  It's 'tikkun olam' for the slums!  Thanks Pepe & Francis!  Get ready to see a revolutionary program like this at a local Novus Ordo church.

 (Holy Thursday in the Hogar de Cristo shelter for drug users, in the 
Parque Patricios neighborhood of Buenos Aires, March 20, 2008)

--- NOTES ---

* “Cuerpo a cuerpo” translates literally from Spanish to English as "Body to body".  Figuratively in English one would say "hand-to-hand" combat or "melee" for this expression.  As we don't currently have a copy of the book to read we cannot say which meaning is intended.

** The neighborhood center is a place created by the Novus Ordo churches which are in the slums to help drug addicts and the poor who find it difficult and even impossible to access government institutions.
(The book, Cuerpo a cuerpo, given to Francis.)
(Letter Francis sent to the Neighborhood Center, 'Hogar de Cristo')
The above letter thanks the friends of Hogar de Cristo for the letters which they sent to Francis.  He then attributes the growth of the neighborhood center to it being a place, "where God embraces them (drug addicts) as a parent to comfort them, heal them and help them stand up."

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