Monday, March 17, 2014

Jews “basically won the lottery”

(John Allen, Jr with Maria Elena Bergoglio, Francis' sister)
In a follow up to the post, Huckster Abe Foxman on Francis, we look at comments made by John L. Allen, Jr. in his address, Friday 7 February 2014, to the Anti-Defamation League's National Executive Committee.  Note in 2007, Mr. Allen addressed the same group about implications for the Jews of Benedict XVI's policies.  Kosher approved, Allen has long been in bed with the enemies of the Church and has written puff pieces on Cardinal Dolan, Opus Dei, and two biographies of Joseph Ratzinger.  The ADL was formerly named the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.  It was created after the infamous Leo Frank trial and subsequent lynching.  The ADL promotes Zionism, sodomy, LGBT marriage, and campaigns against anything Christian in American society.  B'nai B'rith is a freemasonic Jewish Lodge established in 1843.

John Allen was formerly a reporter for the National Catholic Reporter and is currently an associate editor of the Boston Globe.  The quotes below are taken from a story written by Michele Dargan that appeared in the Palm Beach Daily News, Judaism ‘won the lottery’ with new pope.

John Allen, Jr. opens his remarks to the ADL meeting with this joke,
“I know you have a jam-packed schedule and limited time, so as Henry the Eighth said to each of his wives, ‘I won’t keep you long,’”
Wow, joking about the person responsible for the deaths of thousands of people not to mention the souls lost.  As well as creating his own religion, Henry VIII helped destroy the institution of marriage.  Guess Allen was playing to his perfidious kosher audience.

Allen goes on to dicuss, “the tsunami in Catholicism that was unleashed” with the election of Jorge Bergoglio on March 13, 2013.

He then discusses Francis' trip to Rio in 2013 for World Youth Day.
When he arrived and started to step out of the “Popemobile,” a group of Brazilian nuns rushed him “shrieking like a bunch of teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert.”
Can you picture that?  Did they throw their underwear at him?

After dropping the above bombshells, Allen gets to the meat of his message:
In regards to Catholic/Jewish relations under this pope, Allen told the ADL group, “You basically won the lottery.”
Most Latin American cardinals have no experience with Judaism, and many are pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli, Allen said. Bergoglio is the exception.
“Pope Francis regards the relationship with Judaism as the primordial interfaith relationship of the Catholic church and the one that, by far, is the most important and in which he is the most invested,” Allen said. “Ladies and gentlemen, you have a friend in Pope Francis.”
With all his connections and his insights, Allen ends up by describing the theme Francis has for his reign: 
“In the long run, Francis is going to be remembered as the ‘pope of mercy.’  Everything he is doing — from the policy on gays and lesbians and divorced and remarried Catholics — is calculated so that when the outside world looks at the Catholic Church, they will perceive a community of mercy — a community that doesn’t just pay lip service to mercy but actually practices it.”
Did you catch that?  Francis who claims to shun the attention of the world and publicly has stated the media misunderstands and distorts what he says.  At the same time he runs his policies off of a feedback loop of how the media perceives him!  If that isn't insanity!

So to recap, 
  • Francis is a tsunami in Catholicism or a series of waves which destroy everything in its path, 
  • Novus Ordo nuns act like shrieking teenage girls towards Francis as opposed to respecting him,  
  • The Jews got the best possible Pope. In other words, the one who furthers their agenda and leaves them in their spiritual darkness, 
  • and Francis wants to be known as a the 'pope of mercy'.  He runs his agenda according to how the secular world perceives him not how God views him.
To quote the comic strip character Charlie Brown, "Good grief!"

May God have mercy on us and this man called Francis.


  1. BTW, John Allen´s wife is Jewish, says wiki.

    News from the “who am I to judge”- front:
    The Pope who always talks about mercy does obiously not like these two works of spiritual mercy: a) to instruct the ignorant and b) to admonish sinners. Here he is advising the Catholics to look the other way if they see their brother sin. The LGTB camp and the unborn baby killer camp will be delighted that a Pope tells the Catholics to keep their mouth shut and look the other way:

    "The merciful man and the woman have a wide, wide open heart: They always forgive others and think about their own sins.’But you saw what he did?'.’ But I've had enough with what I have done and I will not interfere!’ This is the path of mercy which we have to seek."

  2. Liberation theoligian Leonardo Boff and "Earth-Charta"-employee and friend of Michael Gorbachev, Maurice Strong and Steve Rockefeller (
    knew the "mercy"-scheme you described above BEFORE the conclave (see question seven):

  3. Great job digging around Martina Katholik! We didn't know the John Allen information. As for Boff, he has said that he communicates to Francis weekly, sometimes directly on the phone and at other times through an intermediary.

  4. Thank you, JB! I wish I knew were you are digging!
    I didn´t know about the weekly communication.

    But do you know about the Pope´s teacher, liberation theologian Scannone SJ?
    This blogger translated the links I had sent to him.

    BTW, Scannone is Rahner-pupil and wrote some books on liberation theology in German, I read them, they are horrible. He and his friends invented a "new gospel" , a "social" gospel and they even admit it. The only sin they see is social injustice.
    Scannone invented the liberation theology without "marxist" roots but indirectly he praises Marxism.
    At that time Rome didn´t want "marxist roots" but thought that the people should liberate them from supression but not through political activity but through the faith.. Ratzinger told this the German press some days ago. He didn´t say how this should be done.
    I think that Scannone understood what the Rahner-pupil Ratzinger and the Pope from Poland really wanted and presented his "theology of the people".

    1. And this "heology of the people" got approval from Rome.

    2. Thanks for your comments again. You found another piece of the puzzle we hadn't found yet! As for our digging we look at what Jorge Bergoglio did in Argentina and whom he has associated with. We hope to have some more stunners up about Francis before Easter.

    3. I think I can help you with this. I must dig out again what I digged out month before ;-)
      Give me a little time to search in my "JB"-archive.

  5. One interesting link in English:

    ‘Our Christmas dinners with the pope’
    Argentina’s Jewish leaders describe an extraordinary relationship with Francis I, who comes to synagogue for ‘selichot’ and loaned out a cathedral for a Shoah event

    Read more: 'Our Christmas dinners with the pope' | The Times of Israel

    It seems to me that Bergoglio spent more time with Jews than with Catholics.
    I think you will get the same impression if you type in google "Bergoglio DAIA" and then click on google images. You could do the same with "Bergoglio AMIA" or "schlosser bergoglio" (World Jewish Congress Vice-President Julio Schlosser). Here you can see Schlosser eating kosher food together with Pope Francis:

    And here is their latest coup: