Monday, March 3, 2014

Novus Ordo 101 - Fernández

(Novus Ordo Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández)
Today's Novus Ordo lesson is taught by Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández.  Fernández is the Rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and was recently promoted to Archbishop by his good friend Francis.  He was one of the culprits responsible for honoring Rabbi Abraham Skorka with a doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University, the first ever given to a non-Catholic. The quotes below are from Vatican Insider, Pope’s theologian discusses the distortion of non-negotiable principles.
“...when the Church goes on about philosophical or natural law-related questions, it does so in order to create a dialogue with non believers on moral issues. And yet by using dated philosophical arguments, the Church is not at all convincing and it misses the chance to proclaim the beauty of Jesus Christ’s ability to set people’s hearts on fire. Said philosophical arguments do nothing to change people’s lives. But if we manage to set others’ hearts on fire or at least show them what’s so attractive about the Gospel, then people will be more willing to discuss and reflect on answers regarding morality.”
“it is no good opposing same-sex marriage because people tend to see us as a group of resentful, cruel, insensitive, over-the-top even, individuals. It is an entirely different thing to talk about the beauty of marriage and the harmony of differences that form part of an alliance between a man and woman. This positive context speaks for itself when it comes to showing that the use of the same term “marriage” to describe same-sex unions, in unsuitable.”
“Some have even claimed that all Church teachings depend and are based on non negotiable principles. This certainly is heresy! To claim that Jesus Christ, his resurrection, fraternal love and all that the Gospel teaches us depends on ethical principles is a distortion of Christianity.”
“For example, the Pope stands firm in his opposition to abortion because if he does not defend the innocence of human life, we aren’t left with many other arguments with which to defend human rights. Of course this is not negotiable, but it doesn’t mean that certain moral principles are the source of all other truths of the Christian faith. The crux of our faith, which sheds light on everything, is not this, but the kerygma. This is the only way to understand the key role played by the “truth hierarchy” which this Pope wants to restore. The problem is that fanatics end up turning certain principles into a never-ending battle and deliberately only ever focus on these issues.”
“(Francis) is asking us to embrace a certain style, to give things the right balance and focus. The Pope asks us not to “always” focus “exclusively” on certain moral principles for two reasons: so that we don’t put people off by being too over-insistent and above all so that we don’t destroy the harmony of our message. Radical circles within the Church ridicule the Pope when they say: “now the Pope forbids us to talk about these issues.” This is a lie and defaming the Pope is immoral. They are all moral when they discuss issues that interest them but not when it comes to other issues.”
“Up until two years ago some people would never have accepted the Pope’s words being questioned but now all sorts of critical comments are being spread and written about Pope Francis. This is no reflection of faith, it is an ideological battle: I’ll defend the Pope if he defends my own opinions.”
Ring, ring, ring!!!  Class is dismissed!  Tomorrow Msgr. Fernández will explain how Vatican II still hasn't been implemented with the correct spirit!  Go and spread confusion!

(Studying fundamental theology is one of the most boring things on earth. - Francis)

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