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Suor Cristina has her Sister Act down

(Sister Cristina squealing & giving the devil horns on The Voice.)
"Remember the devil never sleeps but seeks our 
ruin in a thousand different ways."
- Saint Angela Merici -
We were going to post another entry today but this Suor Cristina story seems to have taken on a life of its own.  Some more information Call Me Jorge... has uncovered about this sister. 

Cristina Scuccia was born in Comiso in the province of Ragusa.  She has dreamt of being a professional singer for a very long time.  Since she was 14 years old she cannot imagine a life without song, singing every opportunity she got.  When she was 18 years old she was cast for an Italian television show Amici and failed to make it.  Undeterred she practiced for entry on the X Factor.  In 2008 she happened upon a tryout for a musical, The Courage to Love, the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family were putting on dedicated to their foundress, St. Angela Merici.  The nuns offered her the role of the protagonist which she didn't want.  Her mother however insisted she take the role.

"It all started as a joke but then, playing the character, every night I realized that my life was changing. I asked questions of myself that before would have never even crossed my mind."

Leaving her job in a call center in 2009 she started down the path of a religious vocation.  First by becoming a postulate, then for two years she was a novitiate in Brazil where she worked with children.  Finally in 2012 she made her first profession.  It was at this point she enrolled at the Star Rose Academy in Rome to study singing and dancing. Interestingly. the Star Rose Academy was founded and is run by none other than the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, Cristina's order.  This led to her appearance on the Good News Festival.  Along the way she was guest on an Italian talk show on the channel Rai Uno where they gave her the moniker "The Singing Nun".  Suor Cristina is by no means a stranger to television and has had much practice rehearsing her Sister Act.  Another oddity, which we only point out because she is a nun, is she auditioned for The Voice of Italy in street clothes and not her religious habit. 

"I realized that mine is a beautiful message to send. Pope Francis speaks of the church as a mother. I'd like people to think that the church is everywhere, it can be with everyone. Just because we're sisters we can't perform?  Who said that?  It is a strong message about a young woman who dedicated her life to God and continues to do things like any person of my age. Mine is a message of loyalty and love that I send through my voice.  I have to share my voice with everyone."
 "(My) Parents have always supported (me) in everything, singing and even in the choice of becoming a nun."
"They believe in this great project that God has for me."

Well part of her great project includes a twitter account (@SuorCristinaS) as she signed up for one just the other day. Suor Cristina has wasted no time in tweeting one of her biggest fans Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.

Ravasi is infamous in Novus Ordo circles for liking rock 'n roll artists such as Lou Reed and Amy Winehouse.  Another religious fan of Cristina's is Deacon Greg Kandra who wrote, "this nun is on fire."  Considering her youtube video has 10 million views and counting, we are certain there are many more in the Novus Ordo church out there who think Suor Cristina is great!  Will she get a phone call from Francis?  Dear reader, it all comes down to two simple questions:
  1. Is Suor Cristina's behavior Christ-like or Mary-like?
  2. Is she on the path to saving her soul?
Let us pray for Cristina Scuccia with the intention she finds the Faith and saves her soul for all eternity.

“In the fulfillment of your duties, let your
intentions be so pure that you reject 
from your actions any other motive 
than the glory of God and 
the salvation of souls.” 
- Saint Angela Merici -

(St. Angela Merici praying before a Crucifix.)
(Italian press coverage of the musical, The Courage to Love)
(starring role as Rosa in the musical, The Courage to Love)
(a magazine article on Suor Cristina)
(a winner on Good News Festival)
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  1. ""I realized that mine is a beautiful message to send. Pope Francis speaks of the church as a mother. I'd like people to think that the church is everywhere,. "

    This is not the first sister since the revolution of Vat II "they" let become famous and then used her to spread heresies.
    I´m thinking for example of Briege McKenna who was a protégée of Card. Suenens.

    Pope Franics wanted the next year to be "year of consecrated life". I think they used this misleaded "sister" to start a test run how to present the new (world order) ideal of "consecrated" life.

    1. Her handsign in the video shows to whom this life is in reality consecrated.

    2. And who do you think you are to judge her?

    3. "And who do you think you are to judge her?"
      Do you know how utterly stupid that sounds.Thanks for providing the ultimate cop-out response to anything you want to defend, but can't defend logically,

      You don't like the message, so you try to kill the messenger. Yet Suor Cristina's garbage message is the one to which you should be rejecting. She is an utter insult to all the nuns through the ages who were or are truly consecrated to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and who live lives in imitation of His Blessed Mother. Sadly, Suor Cristina's consecrated to the spirit of this world and it's immoral pop singers are the ones she seeks to emmulate and hang with, such as "gay icon" Kylie Minogue, whom she just performed.

    4. "Utterly stupid"...? And you profess to judge her!?

    5. And with whom did Christ "hang"? I don't remember that he shunned others...he reached out. For one to think one has all the answers is a sad thing especially when spoken with such vengeance.

  2. Why must you dig and search for some sign that an obvious blessing is "wrong"?

    Here is a believer in Jesus Christ as our savior sharing that message unabashedly with the wide world. Her message reaches exactly those people who need to hear it, and by the millions. She is accessible. Her message resonates and draws people toward the doors of your churches. From there, young minds can be guided lovingly by the community of believers.

    People world wide are setting aside what they originally sought from an arguably "sinful" show, to turn instead to a woman who has taken her vows before God. Do you believe that a gift from God is to be hidden? Would it be more pleasing to Jesus and God for Sr. Cristina to share the beauty of a human voice bringing us joy and reminding us that God is alive and well, even in the young people of the world?

    This woman brings glory to God, inspires people to remember the beauty of youth and you vilify her. Who next? I would imagine Fr. Ray. Open your hearts and love, really LOVE!

    1. You're not serious, I hope, because nothing you write makes the slightest bit of sense. Can't you even distinguish between the spirit of Christ and the spirit of the world?

    2. If you hurry, Nancy, I hear the Nuns on a Bus have a seat saved for you as they head over to Planned Barrenhood!

  3. I see nothing reverent about some of the mean - spirited comments made here regarding Suor Cristina. Comments of condemnation by "christians". That's what I have NEVER been able to understand! Some people take great pride in pronouncing to the world their Christianity and then take it upon themselves to be judge AND jury for others. I never understand how that becomes a Christian attitude! She does have a gift and she uses it to make the world a better place. That is the reason for her efforts. I suggest people critique how their own hearts and spirits evolve ....look within....beware not to drive people away from faith

  4. ONLY ONE can look into the heart of is none of us! I agree with some others, it is NOT for us to judge! How dedicated are some of you who call people "stupid!? How Christ- like is that?
    I have veered away from my faith for many years...ridicule as you would like ...makes NO difference to me...BUT...that one person, Sister Cristina, in that one YouTube viral video and subsequent info I have seen brought a spark of light and hope back into my heart. You CANNOT refute is not your place. She is the evangelist who lit the spark.And that's just it. I know and The Father knows...NO ONE else can.So why don't you leave it up to the HOLY FATHER? It's between HIM and his children!

  5. There is but one JUDGE that matters. It is none of us. I have been away from the church for many years. I happened upon one viral video...yes...Suor Cristina. It inspired me to learn more about her and to listen to other songs she has performed ie. SENZA LA TUA VOCE which she wrote and sung. This learning more rekindled a spark in my heart. I can feel it and it is so welcoming. No one can take that away from me. No negativity. .no name calling...none of you. And no matter how much you would LOVE to refute this...YOU CAN NOT. Suor Cristina has done this for me straight from THE FATHER through her. She is MY true evangelist. And I'm sorry for you that you can't deny this!

  6. This is especially to "Anonymous"... Maybe you...and by the looks of the thread...Some others should take the time to read the message today from Pope Francis in Catholic News... Don't tell me how stupid I am for seeing Suor Cristina as a great evangelist. Something you don't seem to comprehend is that this is between the individual and the Heavenly Father. OPINIONS outside that joined pair are totally irrelevant. Those are the name callers for which I'm sure HE would be proud!! Don't be quick to judge because there are people to whom Suor Cristina evangelizes. ..good people..spiritual people...people who need this. So if all you are going to do is judge, maybe you should pray for guidance instead of playing judge.

  7. Suor Cristina is not the first young nun who became a celebrity singing,I wonder how many people remember Sister Luc-Gabrielle ,the fame had tragic consequences‎,lets hope Suor Cristina has a better future ,what the world celebrates today ,it forgets tomorrow.

  8. Hmmm....we celebrate Christ today so that's always true

  9. I don't know where in my post you detected judgement ,unless concern for someones welfare can be classed as judgement,to accuse others of judging is a judgement in itself.

  10. International symbol for love. Look it up. Idiots.

  11. Lolol....i love it! Thank you!;)