Monday, April 28, 2014

a historic victory

Yet another article from the Israeli / Talmudic media on how great the double canonizations are for their Christ-denying religion.  Anshel Pfeffer writing, Double canonization is a historic victory for the Jewish people, for Haaretz, let a few cats out of the bag but not all.  We hope later this week to post about this Christ-denying group and their place of honor at the canonizations of John XXIII & John Paul II.

Double canonization is a historic victory 
for the Jewish people

Never has a religion so comprehensively changed its attitude to what was once seen as its worst enemy as the Roman Catholic Church did under popes John XXIII and John Paul II.

By Anshel Pfeffer | Apr. 27, 2014 | 4:26 PM |

The business of manufacturing new saints going on today in Rome is mysterious to non-Catholics, even risible for atheists. The canonization of Angello Giuseppe Roncalli and Karol Jozef Woytyla, better known as popes John XXIII and John Paul II, with all its attendant process of discovering modern-day miracles, recognizing their elevated position in heaven and subsequent veneration, represent to many of us much of what is fake and artificial about modern religion. Even many Catholics tend to look at this from a cynical perspective; seasoned Vatican-observers noting how Pope Francis has pulled off a canny "balancing act" canonizing in one go a liberal pope (J23) with a conservative one (JP2). And there are the critics who accuse the new pope of wasting too much time on heavenly pageantry rather than dealing with the very real problems still facing a church struggling to acclimatize itself to the 21st century.

All these observations are valid but essentially meaningless. Creating myths of holiness and sainthood is what established religions do and the Roman Catholic Church, which even in its diminished state is still the biggest and most influential of the lot with all the historical baggage it carries, is in desperate need of new saints. John Paul II was one of a small group of individuals who influenced the last decades of the previous century and the end of the Cold War; Francis has the potential to have a similar effect on the next period in history. Over half a million people gathered this morning in St Peter's Square to hear Francis proclaim "we declare and define Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II to be saints and we enroll them among the saints, decreeing that they are to be venerated as such by the whole church." Countless millions were watching live on television around the world. Even if that means nothing to you and me, it still means something to a hell of a lot of people.

And while it wasn't specifically scheduled to coincide with the eve of Yom Hashoah, Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, it has a particular historical resonance for Jews everywhere since no two men did more than Roncalli and Wojtyla to reverse all those centuries of often murderous enmity of the church towards the Jewish people.

True, the double canonization today is more about internal-Vatican politics and the Papacy's need to create heroes and role-models for its adherents than inter-religious relations, but put in a historical context, it is a victory for the Jews.

John XXIII in less than five years on the throne expunged anti-Semitic references from the liturgy (one of his first decisions) and convened the Second Vatican Council, at the start of which he commissioned the writing of the Nostra Aetate, the most important declaration to come from Vatican II which resolutely proclaimed that the Jews were in no way to be seen as responsible for Jesus' death. Though the Nostra Aetate was issued after his death, John was the man who through one document swept away the theological basis for nearly two thousand years of persecution.

And while John Paul II has been accused by the more liberal elements in the church of reversing in some ways the Vatican II reforms, as far as regards the church's relationship with the Jews he took matters to another level altogether. In constant cooperation with often suspicious Jewish leaders, in being the first modern pope to visit a synagogue in Rome, in referring to the Jews as "our beloved elder brothers," authorizing full diplomatic ties with Israel and in his visit to Jerusalem, apologizing at the Western Wall for the suffering the church and its members had inflicted upon Jews.

The church that Jorge Mario Bergoglio grew up in as a young man and priest in Argentina was certainly not free of anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, but it was by then a church where a man of his nature could preach against hatred with the knowledge that he had the backing of the two most important popes of his lifetime. Today, as Pope Francis, he continues their legacy.

Another pope goes unmentioned today. The wartime record of Pius XII will continue to be debated for decades to come and despite the fact that many Jewish historians have exonerated him, even credited him with saving Jews in the Holocaust. And, of course, the current pope, like his predecessors, continue to honor his memory, but he will forever be remembered as the "Silent Pope." The Jews of Rome will never forgive what they see as his inaction over the deportation of thousands to the death camps from "his" city. The fact that the canonization of the younger popes John XXIII and John Paul has gone ahead so swiftly while that of Pius XII has been delayed again and again will not be lost. Unlike Eugenio Pacelli who hardly covered himself in glory during those dark years, his two successors were actively helping Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. Wojtyla even took the risk as a young priest to overrule a Christian couple who wanted to bring up a Jewish orphan they had sheltered as a Catholic.

Whatever they really think of Pius XII, it's clear that today's Curia is very aware of the affront his canonization would be to many Jews and are extremely reluctant to jeopardize the massive improvement in the relationship achieved since the days of John XXIII.

The theological change wrought in just fifty years by a series of popes (including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI despite his PR failings) is without precedent in its speed and significance in theological history. Never has a religion so comprehensively changed its attitude to what was once seen as its worst enemy. It is due first of all to the success of countless generations of Jews to retain their faith and flourish despite the church-inspired and church-sponsored blood libels, forced conversions and pogroms, but also to these two extraordinary men being honored today in Rome. The canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II is a day of rejoice for Catholics and a historical victory for the Jewish people.


  1. The Jews can see what most Catholics refuse to see.
    Obama can see it, too.

    1. A world in which increasing numbers of children are systematically abused by international rings of sexual predators and covered up by the church and the secular powers. In UK, 100,000 children disappear every year according to the Children's Society. It is similar elsewhere. The Vatican had to raise the age for sexual consent from 12 to 18 last year under immense pressure from the UN. But this only facilitates a deteriorating situation as little will be done to expose those at the highest level. There will be a few concessionary scapegoats.

      There is even more war and conflict since the alleged "fall of communism" which is really more of an illusion than a fact; large parts of Northern Africa and The Middle East are becoming ungovernable aided and abetted by the USA, EU and UK sponsoring islamist terrorism. Also, another salient fact is that the incidence of poverty is greater now than it was 100 years ago. For example, in USA 1% of the population now own 40% of the wealth of the USA. This is exacerbating rapidly.

      A church that panders to the erroneous belief that we can believe almost what we like and dialogue with anyone and anything in the vain hope that we can "change the world" for the better (depending on what we mean by this), is living a dangerous illusion. Our Blessed Lord gave it a divine mandate to evangelise and convert but instead since 1965 it has opted for inculturation, relativism, horizontalisation and placed man, not Christ, at the centre of its supposed mission.

      Obama is a crafty fox - he knows perfectly well that post-conciliar ecclesiastical liberal modernism advances his cause - increasing population control; abortion as a right paid for by public taxation; artificial birth-control; euthanasia; reducing personal liberty; media manipulation of public beliefs; privatisation of the faith; homosexualisation of society; increasing surveillance and use of politicised security mechanisms and many other policies. By weakening the church and dividing it against itself with relativism; inculturation, anthropocentrism and horizontalisation, the church has become an institution easier to control and manipulate by the principalities and powers of this world.

      The processes of conanisation are politicised now by fast-tracking and streamlining - in the hands of liberal modernists who are abusing them both quantitatively and philosophically. 1984 marks a tragic date in their reductio ad absurdum with another 3000 alleged saints & blesseds added rapidly in a generation. How can this do nothing other than devalue and make mockery of it? No wonder Obama and his syncretic government colleagues have been so delighted with recent papacies because they have played perfectly into their hands. The freemasons have done a wonderful job and achieved their objectives. They have enjoyed a succession of enfeebled de-catholicising papacies whose liberal modernism has politically sanitised The Faith, removing its ability to be spiritually effective. Satanism is on the increase; sodomy advances; child abuse is endemic; society is materialistic and sexualised; violence is glorified virtually and in reality; absolute poverty increases and the church, as Cardinal Brandmuller stated correctly recently, is in a state of chaos because its Cardinals and bishops, like its presbyterate, are ignorant about The Faith. Never a truer word spoken for the post-conciliar era.

    2. Leon- shortly after I finally had my eyes opened to the takeover of the papal chair early in 2000, the uk's electronic telegraph online newspaper carried a story that the Vatican had endorsed the UN's family planning programs. I printed it out at the time but have misplaced it since then. However, later searches of that article on that site proved fruitless - it was pulled. But a doctor working for the UN at the time stated that they had been officially told this by Rome. Like L'Osservatore Romano in the 1960s before the new mass was instituted by Paul VI saying "we are moving toward Lutheran liturgical reforms", they slip up sometimes and actually let their satanic face of the judaeo/masonic/communist takeover of our Church and its hierarchy show - but you have to catch them when they do it. With Bergoglio they're just thinking they have total control so they can be more blatant about it all - otherwise the homosexual magazine The Advocate wouldn't have chosen him their man of the year, when Sodomy was one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance in any pre V2 'brief statement of Christian doctrine" as required by Pope Pius XII. "That was THEN, this is NOW" - this is your "new evangelization" your "new pentecost" or "new advent" as Paul VI and John Paul II were wont to call the Council - striving to be 'more authentic" while imposing masonry on the flock and calling it Catholicism and meeting with communist butchers like Mandela and saying "I bless your work," etc. This is also documented in Compton's The Broken Cross and Fr. Saenz Y Arriaga's book The New Montinian Church. These people may be Montinianists - they are certainly not Catholics as Catholics were for 2000 years.

    3. Yes Anonymous, whoever you are.....and they have raised the beast for all to worship...the one who will mislead the world.

      My appeal to Catholics in possession of a working brain is do not be fooled by this charade. The Church had consistent teachings & the Western Rite Latin Church a mostly regular liturgical form, codified by two key papacies [St Gregory The Great & St Pius V], that is until 1965 when the liberal modernists imposed their invalid noxious NO designed to produce an effete church of cultural relativity (inculturated liturgy feeds this lex supplicandi...lex credendi...lex vivendi...lex provendi) and religious indifferentism (ecumenism & interconfessionalism) with a lost sense of divine hierarchy (collegiality & active laicisation of the church) based on the faulty premise of primacy of the conscience (no longer The Faith but your feelings) - Voila! "Liberty, Equality & Fraternity" the revolutionary accursed trinity for the pantheistic state. The Great Illusion.

    4. Leon - correct. Other non Catholic researchers into the emerging system of the beast Antichrist in the temporal sphere actually discuss, at some length, the deliberate manipulation of humanity away from left brain/rational/thinking of concrete ideas towards right brain emotionalism - the right brain is connected to our 'reptilian' brain stem where our pre verbal 'reactive' type behaviors are. Religion has become all, as you say, invidualized, narcisscistic, 'feelings' based rather than submission of your will to the Divine will in a divinely revealed religion - or as the old Act of Faith used to have Catholics recite "I believe these and ALL the Truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches, because Thou hast revealed them, WHO CANST NEITHER DECEIVE NOR BE DECEIVED." Today people consider that the Triune God is and was a liar, that they can do 'better,' that they are "more mature" or "more authentic" or whatever they will claim - again, the "that was THEN, this is NOW" business, and like Narcisscus, go gazing at their own will in the mirror, doing, as Aleistair Crowley said was the basis of Satanism - doing as thou wilt was the whole of the law - but they do that and then claim to be "Christian" or "Catholic" and call what they WANT "Holy" and this goes for their phoney baloney "popes" as well. Bergoglio's "Who Am I to Judge?" business is the icing on that narcisscistic cake.

  2. "The business of manufacturing new saints going on today in Rome is mysterious to non-Catholics, even risible for atheists."

    Somewhat akin to liturgies as well - "manufactured". The NO is certainly not "mysterious" though.

  3. "pogroms" - this was Russian, in fact. The Romans gave them a good bashing and destroyed their temple forever. Catholics had nothing to do with it. Nor reprisals against Jews in the Middle east throughout history but that would be islamophobic to mention it. Also, the hate speech against non-Jews employed by the Talmud is conveniently overlooked against the alleged hate of The Bible. According to my reading Jews have carried out their own blood libels themselves.
    Who concocts this balderdash vomited by Pfeffer? I have to laugh it is so "risible".

  4. It is not surprising to know that The Vatican is actually run by the freemasons who are very often Jewish and where many of the Lodge members and Illuminati are also paedophiles. This is why The Vatican is up to its eyes in this crime because it has links with international paedophile rings. Paul VI was a homosexual, too. Also, John Paul II facilitated sexual predation under his pontificate by negligence and by appointing some very dubious bishops & cardinal legates. Fr Maciel is yet another of his extremely costly faux pas. Marcinkus, Law, could write a long list of his appointees who were either sexual deviants; covering-up for them or financial criminals. As one American judge stated after during a case against an NO bishop - the (new) catholic church is a network for organised crime. Who could honestly disagree with that. The Vatican raised the age for sexual consent from 12 years of age to 18 last year? No wonder paedophiles had such a carefree time throughout the liberal modernist era since conscience had overtaken The Faith as the imperative guideline for personal behaviour. Now it has all been sanctified liberal modern style.

    1. Leon - as you state, the novus ordo's consistent practice has been to persecute, demote, destroy and ridicule or falsely accuse those clergy or laity who were still attempting to remain and hold the True Faith, while shepherding, promoting and protecting the most evil, vile, wicked wolves in sheep's clothing - Wojtyla's weird stealing the sheep parable, anyone, with Little Peter? Remember that thing?

      In the novus ordo, they've rejected the divine dogma of Outside the Church there is no salvation - but use it as a great fear-mongering bat to beat the timid, frightened heads of those who still want to remain in Christ's True church and remain Catholic, to keep them from actually figuring out that more than one true Pope gave us permission - indeed, commanded us - to leave off obeying and giving honor as 'pope' to anyone who did not have the Faith who by hook or crook managed to steal their way like the serpent in the Garden into the Papal Seat. Paul IV was the pope who gave us that bull - a pope who at the time he wrote it, was horrified that a "closet" Lutheran in Cahtolic clothing would steal into the papal chair. Now, the newest "saint" of the novus ordo threw out the DOGMATIC anathemas of the Council of Trent, signed Joint Declarations of new world order "faith" (masonic ecumenical 'faith" - demonic, diabolical, satanic) with every heretic he could manage to do a PR shot with including the still heretical to this day Lutherans, and I would not be surprised at all if the novus ordo, after they "canonize" Montini, if God hasn't returned for the last judgment yet, attempt to "canonize" with the Lutherans old Martin on the 500th anniversary of his pounding his 'theses' on Wittenberg with the Lutherans. Poor St. Theresa of Avila who saw Luther and his followers in hell, according to a passage in one early V2 published book from TAN books that I used to own - I guess TAN will have to keep from printing that one ever again!

      The point I was driving at - the boys at Restoration radio on the net, correctly pointed out that to the non sedevacantist 'traditionalists' sedevacantists are WORSE than a satanist - well, the same could be said about the entire formerly "Catholic" populace, from modernist liberal to conservative EWTN watcher - the ONLY people to these people who are 'schismatic' and "excommunicated" and going to "go to hell" are sedevacantists - NOT the TRUE heretics, atheists, liberals, non believers, schismatics, et al - no, THOSE people are 'believers" and are "following their consciences" but a sedevacantist - a person who expects people in the sees of the Church and ESPECIALLY in the FIRST See of Rome to actually POSSESS THE CATHOLIC FAITH - NO, THOSE people are GOING TO HELL FOR SURE!!!!. Is this not, in some symbolic way, making war agains the saints, and 'putting them to death' because to be excommunicated is a kind of death, in a way. I don't know but...I try and view these things in a spiritual sense. I'm sure you could say it much better and much more eloquently. Thanks.

  5. Another quote from Strojie's POPES OF THE REVOLUTION from 1980:

    As I wrote in Letter 48, Mazzini had longer range plans. Speaking to the priest Lammenais, a would-be reformer whom Mazzini had hoped to bring into his movement, he said:

    "The condemnation of the Papacy is decreed, not by us, but by God; by God who now calls upon the People to arise and found a new unity, embracing the two spheres of temporal and spiritual power...In our epoch humanity will forsake the Pope, and have recourse to a General Council of the Church - that is to say, of all believers - a council which will be alike Council of the Church and Constituent Assembly."

    This General Council of the Church...of all believers which Mazzini wanted, has been realized in the General Council Vatican 2, which even made provision for a New Order of the Mass (Novus Ordo) from which the essential doctrinal content has been deleted or distorted; so that non-Catholic ministers, six of whom helped compose it, can take part in it as Protestants.

    In accordance with Mazzini's Idea of a Council of all believers, the Vatican 2 General Council even went so far as to change Christ's own words of the Consecration, from "for you and for many" to "for all men."

    And so we read of bishops praying with Jews in their synagogues, Cardinal Cooke of New York chanting in line with members of heathen sects in St. Patrick's cathedral, and all manner of "ecumenical" activities by John Paul 2, the bishops, lower clergy and laity. All of which was of course unimaginable before Vatican 2 - that is, to most Catholics. But that something of the sort had been brewing for a long time, appears from occasional writings and incidents, a few of which I've mentioned in my Letters. There was enough of it to cause Pope Pius XI to write his strongly-worded encyclical MORTALIUM ANIMOS, parts of which I quote in Letter 45, "The Heresy of John Paul 2."