Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Italians  John Paul II & Francis

see: On the ContraryIn the pope’s backyard Italians are becoming extinct


  1. What a monumental error is this conanisation of an anthropological phenomenologist who pontificated one of the most corrupt and chaotic eras of church history including ecumenical excesses; interconfessional obfuscation and liturgical inculturation encouraging manifold abuses. radical alterations to the sanctification process in 1984 under the same pope have facilitated over 3000 processes in the same period. What a tragic devaluation of a politically manipulated process...............


  2. Of course, the rush to conanise this disorientated and disorientating papal figure was out of necessity - to take advantage as quickly as possible of the radically new "sanctification" process from 1984 & to steamroller through what in normal times would be seen as a totally unacceptable candidate for sainthood. No wonder they ignored his papacy of chaos and confusion because this alone would have excluded him from any such manoeuvre.

    The whole tempo was to play on emotion; use germanic blitzkreig methodology to push the process along quickly, ignore all the obvious evidence against any validity at all and to keep as tight a lid as possible on the Truth about this person. Because The Vatican dislikes Truth in this current age.

    Furthermore, because we have had 45 years of ecumenical man-centred protestant liturgy feeding the neo-catholic faith, most new catholics haven't got a clue what The Roman Catholic Faith is anymore. In fact, the term Roman catholic has been abandoned altogether alongside 50 years of subversive liberal modernist revisionism of ecclesiastical history & doctrine and what it signifies; 50 years of protestantisation of liturgy disembodying The Faith of which John Paul II was principal exponent and 50 years of the the radicalisation of pastoral processes in parallel with ecumenism, interconfessionalism, collegial horizontalism, feminism, presbyterial homosexuality and pantheism. It is not for nothing that Ratzinger and Wojtyla espoused the philosophy of Chardin above all.

    We no longer have The Roman Catholic Church as this belonged to the pre-conciliar paradigm of Faith over 1900 years. The dubious figure of Pope Paul VI ushered in the New Age of anthropocentric religious eclecticism replete with its novus ordo liturgy guaranteeing the new faith paradigm.

    Significantly John Paul II admired most this pope and attempted to rush through his conanisation but the courageous and holy figure of Padre Luigi Villa stood in the way with his unshakeable faith, Padre Pio's encouragement, together with his magnificent and well-referenced works revealing the infamy of post-conciliar treachery led by its postmodernist pantheistic papacies.