Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 1996, Bergoglio style

(Francis boasting of his theft to the priests of Rome on 6 March 2014.)
Article below from the Associated Press reporter, Nicole Winfield, Pope reveals he took his late confessor's cross.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis confessed Thursday that he took the rosary cross of his late confessor from his casket and wears it to this day in a fabric pouch under his cassock. He said he did so telling the late priest, "Give me half your mercy."

Francis made the revelation Thursday during an informal chat with Roman priests about the need to be merciful to their flocks. He told the story of the "great confessor" of Buenos Aires who had heard confessions from most of the diocesan priests as well as from Pope John Paul II when he visited Argentina.

When the priest died, Francis went to pray by his open casket and was stunned that no one had brought any flowers.

"This man forgave the sins of all the priests of Buenos Aires, but not a single flower ...?" Francis recalled. So he went out and bought a bouquet of roses, and when he returned to arrange them around the casket, he saw the rosary the priest still held in his hand.

"And immediately there came to mind the thief we all have inside ourselves and while I arranged the flowers I took the cross and with just a bit of force I removed it," he said, showing with his hands how he pulled the cross off the rosary. "And in that moment I looked at him and I said 'Give me half your mercy.'"

Francis said he kept the cross in his shirt pocket for years, but that the cassock he wears now as pope doesn't have a pocket. He now keeps it in a little pouch underneath.

"And whenever a bad thought comes to mind about someone, my hand goes here, always," he said, gesturing to his heart. "And I feel the grace, and that makes me feel better.".
(Where Bergoglio's theft went down on Easter Sunday 1996.)
Another one from the you can't make this stuff up file.  Francis back when he was Bishop Bergoglio stole a the Crucifix from the rosary of his confessor.  It was in the crypt of the Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento de Buenos Aires so presumably there was a host in the building.  This theft was committed not only on Easter Sunday but in the presence of Christ!  Watch the video at the bottom of the page and see dear reader if Francis shows any remorse or contrition for his behavior.  Rather, he presents his theft as an act of humility.  He keeps this stolen Crucifix on his person tucked away and boasts about it with a hidden pride.  This speaks volumes of his aversion of Our Lord's Crucifixion.  Francis wears a pectoral cross which doesn't have a crucified Christ but instead has a representation of Him with a lamb.  His favorite painting is The White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall which portrays Christ as a Talmudic Jew.  He has used several croziers only one of which has a crucified Christ on it.  The one which does is the grotesque Broken Cross and we have intentions of writing an entry on it in the future; not to mention, his blasphemous jokes about Our Lord's Crucifixions.

While committing this theft Francis gives us another peak into his psyche.  See dear reader, Francis was so distraught his confessor didn't have any flowers by his coffin he went out and brought some.  This led him to see Fr. Aristi's rosary which he then proceeded to steal the Crucifix from while having the chutzpah to ask the deceased Fr. Aristi for half his mercy!  Why didn't Francis instead get on his knees and say a rosary for Fr. Aristi's soul?  St. Louis de Montfort writes every time a Hail Mary is recited a rose is offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary, presumably she would share a few with Fr. Aristi.  No, instead we have Francis offering things of the earth, flowers, and stealing the thing of God, the crucifix, on Easter Sunday!  Let this be a lesson, even when Francis has intentions of doing something kind, the result is sin.  The overused expression certainly comes to mind, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  This is a mirror-like reflection of the fruits of the Novus Ordo Missae & Vatican II.

Does the ends ever justify the means?  According to the behavior of Francis it does!  Is Francis blind to his own iniquities?  This man could have had any relic, within reason, of any Saint he wanted.  All he would have had to do was write Rome as Bishop Bergoglio.  Instead he commits desecration to a corpse and sacrilege to God by his theft. Is it any wonder he has repressed what he sees as the Traditional Latin Mass?  He smells the hint of sacrifice might still exist in  the '62 Missal so he snuffs it out.  Francis associates it with the old and being a modernist he wants new.  He has been hanging out too much with his rabbinical buddies and is performing tikkun olam on the Novus Ordo church, in the style of a modernist.  Again we couldn't in our most wildest imaginings make such a bizarre story up.  It confounds our minds to think he is the Vicar of Christ!  Better keep a close watch on your soul, else Francis might steal that too.  People in the modern world often lament that God doesn't speak to them any more... well this is the equivalent of shouting from the rooftops for all to hear!  He is a thief!  Beware!

So choose which Easter you like:

  • Francis style - with Talmudic Rabbi Sergio Bergman praying Talmudic Seder/Passover prayers in St. Peter's Sepulchre at St. Peter's Basilica

- OR -

  • Bergoglio style - committing theft in the Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament by stealing a Crucifix from his deceased confessor's body

(An infamous robber who stole from & betrayed his confessor.)
Francis recounting his theft to Rome's priests.


  1. Francis went to pray by his open casket and was stunned that no one had brought any flowers … So he went out and bought a bouquet of roses


    The tradition of the Church is no flowers at funerals. Roses at funerals is a masonic tradition.

    1. Thank you for this - there is absolutely no doubt that the last three popes have all been freemasons. handshakes apart, the programmes are all pantheistic, inculturated and ecumenical in the highest degree. Anything that appears traditional is either abrogated; terminologically redrafted; reduced to impotency or ridiculed. respective examples - The Holy Latin Mass pre-1962; subsists/consists; the exorcism prayers in vernacular; the idea of Real Presence in The Tabernacle and on The Sanctuary.
      These liberal modernist popes also enjoy ignoring significant events such as Pope St Pius X's centenary - the studious silence is so noisy it keeps us awake!

  2. Sacrilege, theft... what is next? Jorge at the whore house?