Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hold on to your seats!!!!

That's right, the readers of Call Me Jorge... better be strapped into their seats and holding on to them.  The ride on the modernist roller coaster of apostasy is about to become bumpy!  We will see Holy Week in the sacrilegious and blasphemous fashion of Jorge Bergoglio aka Francis.  Below is a preview of topics to we hope to cover this week:

  • Tuesday - Bergoglio's Maundy Thursdays (photos)
  • Wednesday - Francis' Maundy Thursday 2013
  • Thursday - no topic (in case Francis does something crazy)
  • Friday - the Last Lunch (16 rabbis in the Vatican)
  • Saturday - Easter 2013, Francis style
  • Sunday - Easter 1996, Bergoglio style

All aboard the modernist express!!!


  1. This seems to make light of a serious situation. Let's focus on solutions to the problems rather than mock conciliarists!

  2. We are far from mocking the situation. Solutions to the problem are quite simple and easy to do. Practice the Catholic religion as it was practiced for its first (approximately) 1950 years.

    If you return to read this week's entries we think you will find the situation is far worse than serious, it's apostasy. We hardly think we are making light of it.

    You should read the entry "Jorge jokes about Our Lord's Crucifixion" from March 2014 on this blog. We have a proposition for you since this is a blog about the life & times of Jorge Bergoglio, why don't you start a blog which focuses on your 'solutions to the problems'?