Monday, April 14, 2014

Maundy Thursday through the years #1

Francis wrote the internet is "something truly good, a gift from God."  It could very well be.  One of the best things about the internet is the truth is slowly coming out about Francis.  Without it there would be no Call Me Jorge...  Since it is Holy Week and Francis is currently sitting in a chair in the Vatican (Jorge trips over the papal throne or a modernist trips over tradition?), the world looks to him as how a catholic should behave.  If the reader recalls last year Francis went to Marmo Prison and washed the feet of juvenile prisoners for Maundy Thursday.  Not just any old juvenile prisoners but female and Muslim prisoners.  This was yet another modernist break from tradition by the papacy but after all he is Francis the humble and does whatever his modernist heart desires.  Was this new behavior for Francis?  Had he ever done something scandalous and sacrilegious like this before when he was a bishop in Argentina?  A few videos below and tomorrow a follow up post with some photos.

- Washing the Feet -

(At a maternity ward washing male & female newborns' feet.)

(Watch from 1:22 to 1:45 to see female foot washing.)

(At the Hogar Don Bosco)

(At the Hogar María Madre del Pueblo)

- Holy Week Bonus -
Novus Ordo Missae Bergoglio Style

(Holy Week Novus Ordo Missae at the Hogar Maria Madre del Pueblo.)

(Bergoglio sermon to young drug addicts at the Hogar Maria Madre del Pueblo.)

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