Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seagull at the conclave

(A seagull resting on the papal smoke stack.)
Sometimes God sends signs to people and often they are so simple they are overlooked.  During the papal conclave which elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio a seagull decided to perch on the papal smoke stack of the Sistine Chapel.  This bird was on the smoke stack until Bergoglio was chosen in the election.  He was so popular he even had his own twitter accounts (Conclave Seagull & Sistene Seagull).  Many television news channels and newspapers commented on this bird asking, "is this a sign or symbol from God?" Everyone laughed and joked about it but what if it really was a sign?

How is Bergoglio like a seagull?  Like a seagull he flew in from out of town across the sea, Buenos Aires, Argentina in this case.  What do seagulls have a reputation for?  For being pests, coming in and ruining the picnic one had planned at the beach.  Francis has certainly ruffled a few feathers with the changes he is implementing at the Vatican.  Seagulls then proceed to poop on everything.  Francis has upset more than a few with all his off-the-cuff remarks and insults aimed at conservatives in the Novus Ordo church.  In a sense Francis is pooping everywhere.  Lastly after seagulls have done all the above, they fly away and leave others to deal with the mess they have made.  Francis wouldn't do that would he?

(Does Francis fly away after making a mess like the seagull?)

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