Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Suor Cristina is a monkey!

(Sister Cristina is a monkey!)
Suor Cristina loves the limelight as much as her hero, Francis does.  This time she with the rest of the cast of The Voice of Italy took to posing with bananas in order to show they are against, get this, racism.  See, on 'Divine Mercy' Sunday there was a big La Liga football (soccer) match between the Villareal and Barcelona clubs.  During the game one of the players who is a Brazilian, Dani Alves, had a banana thrown at him.  What did he do?  He picked it up and ate it.  Social media went crazy as celebrity after celebrity posed with a banana, in order to show they were against racism.  Not to worry the banana thrower was soon identified and banned for life from the stadium.  Enter Suor Cristina who posed with a banana which had written on it,


translated into English this reads,

"WE'RE ALL MONKEYS #TheVoiceOfItaly"

We are confused, we thought she was against racism.  What she is saying is that Dani Alves is a monkey, she is a monkey, Francis is a monkey, all humans are monkeys!  So in addition to singing lewd songs, gyrating her body to music,  giving the sign of the devil's horns, making the sign of Indian goddess Kali, we now have her denying God's creation of the human race!   For if one believes we are monkeys, then it is logical the same person believes in Darwinian evolution.  We wonder if we will be so lucky to see Suor Cristina evolve into another species while singing on The Voice?

Dani Alves eats a banana

- Update  4 May 2014 -

two screen captures of the tweet Suor Cristina sent out (click here for original)

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  1. This is honestly the first time in my long life that I have seen or heard of anything relating bananas to racism. This strikes me as being an inverted racist form by those who want to foment even more racial disturbance. We can see how the church and its woefully misled disciples are being increasingly disorientated towards politically correct sociologically directed behaviours and to an anthropocentric not Christocentric orientation.
    This Suor is not a nun but rather the product of novus ordoised liturgical politicisation and protestantism. The law of prayer produces the desired form of behaviour in a new law of life - liberal modernist politico-social propaganda. No wonder Archbishop Lefebvre claimed that the modernists in the church had dethroned Our Blessed Saviour replacing him with Man who is the pantheist new god. Suor Cristina is approaching a forthcoming downfall as she forgets her vocation preferring instead the adulation of the crowd as she entertains and self-actualises.

    1. You had me going there. For the first few sentences, I thought you and I agreed. We certainly do about the dangers of fomenting racism where it doesn't exist.

      The conservative stalwarts of the Church will always oppose change; even small ones. They'll expect their religious leaders to be pious, rigid and humble. Suor Cristina embraces the first and rejects the latter two, and good for her.

      Don't get me wrong: I think tradition is important. I think rules and guidelines are there to form a solid structure that has stood the test of time. Trust me on this: I'm no liberal.

      But the times--as the saying goes--are a-changin'. Not just now, but continously and for a long, long time.

      Witness the outpouring of support for Suor Cristina, even from non-Catholics. The very notion of a nun (and yes, she *is* a nun) using modern social vehicles to reach an audience has captivated the world...and has drawn criticism from those who profess to know better.

      Alessandro Aleotti, whose stage name is J-Ax, is a tattooed Italian rapper and one of the judges on "The Voice of Italy". His music videos are filled with imagery of rebellion, yet he was brought to tears after Suor Cristina's performance. In a minute an a half, a hard-boiled rebel was reduced to a choir boy.

      When the good Sister chose his team, he erupted like a small child given a special privilege by his parents.

      I don't think this 25 year-old nun has compromised anything. She's evangelizing and using her gift to spread her message. She's doing it peacefully but publicly.

      And while some in the Church may prefer to hold their God-given unique gifts as close to their vests as their crucifixes, still others want to use those gifts to augment a positive and strong message to a new audience that has consistently refused to swallow the same medicine that has worked for past generations.

      No one but God can look into Suor Cristina's soul to determine what her true motives are. You can't make assertions that she's "...preferring instead the adulation of the crowd..." any more than you can say that a pope enjoys the throngs of people in St. Peter's Square more than the import of his homily.

      All you have is what she says and what she does. Apparently you have a problem with that, and I respect your opinion.

      My own opinion has been formed after seeing her effect on others. And I think it's a positive thing.

    2. You are SO right... I believe Suor Cristina has brought more people to a spiritual awakening than all those who are wringing their hands over Vatican II. The Church has moved on. So should they.

  2. The company that produces the show "The Voice" - Talpas? Talpos? has the cabbalistic sephirothic 'tree of life" as it's stylized corporate logo; however, the spot where "heaven" is supposed to symbolically exist in this 'system' has been moved down into the 'empty' spot on the normal cabbalistic 'tree' where, in the regular system, abide the demons or fallen angels - the abyss, in other words. What is the meaning of that? That this company and their show are attempting to drag that which was Heavenly into the abyss? Looking at Vatican II one could certainly read that 'meaning' into that. But I claim no expertise in doing so.

    One young man on the net, a non Catholic but a fairly excellent researcher into the occult, masonry and the cabbala, claims that the letters VV represent, in the cabbalistic numerological system the numbers "66" which he claims represents, again, the demons or fallen angels. The Voice's show logo contains two "v's." Also, this young man claims that this number, to occultists, also represents The Qlippoth or "The Great Work."

    Regardless, I doubt whether or not Suor Cristina has any notion of such things, but...singing rock music is hardly a fit activity for someone wanting to take a vow of poverty and chastity, especially as the term rock and roll came from the sexual act.

    It's too bad that her order thinks having this young lady seek worldly fame rather than doing what nuns used to do - teaching children their ABCs and their catechism, trying to instill a sense of right and wrong, and helping the poor and praying for those who needed prayers - is more important - the post conciliar revolutionary world of Vatican II, I'm certain that singing an Alicia Keys song is more fitting. Isn't there a "Catholic" school somewhere in the US now dedicating a year to a "Lady" - BUT....they don't mean the Blessed Virgin. They mean Lady Gaga. That about sums up the "new evangelization" of the post conciliar "popes" in my book - especially when Bob Dylan, who sang for John Paul II's eucharistic congress at one time, admitted he sold his soul to the devil for 'fame' - the interview with the African American anchor of 60 minutes? I think, was the show, can be seen on any number of youtube videos complaining about various pop music performers now claiming they are inhabited by 'entities" - like Beyonce with her "Sasha Fierce" and Nicky Minaj saying that "Roman" is a "boy" who "lives inside me" and "does things I wouldn't do" and that he "has been conjured up at this time for a purpose." Now...that sounds frighteningly like demonic possession to me.

    1. Thanks for your post Anonymous! We'll have to check out the company which makes The Voice but it sounds on the money to us.

  3. I really am puzzled by the above comment about a "spiritual awakening." Have we seen an examples of spiritual awakening by this nun's conduct? People jumping around and yelling and clapping is not spiritual awakening. If she had sung songs with a Christian message and the crowd and judges were moved to conversion, maybe you could say that they experienced a spiritual awakening...but she is singing secular songs. What message is she giving? Let's face it; her own soul is in peril.

    1. Indeed. the 2 above comments prove that people infected with Novus Ordo thinking totally lack a Sensus Catholicus. Doesn't the first commenter desire that his/her religious leaders be humble? And I'm not referring to the phony humility of Francis 'call me Jorge' Bergoglio.