Saturday, April 5, 2014

Who will win the World Cup?

We know it isn't Friday (see previous posts Football jersey Friday #1 & #2) but this one was too good to pass up.  Imagine you get to meet with Francis for 45 minutes and pepper him with questions.  As you pack your things up you present him with a gift, a football jersey.  Then you ask, "Excuse me, who will win the World Cup do you think?"  Everything in the Novus Ordo church is fun and games!  Francis has transformed the papacy into a reality television show produced by Opus Dei!

If any of us at Call Me Jorge... were given the same opportunity we would ask him: 
  • Why do you make blasphemous jokes about Our Lord's Crucifixion?
  • Why do you associate Our Lord with modern day Jews?
  • How come you have remained silent on the “Jesus is a monkey, Mary is a cow” graffiti on the Deir Rafat Catholic monastery near Jerusalem, Israel on March 31, 2014?
  • You have appointed many sodomites, are you a sodomite? 
  • You come across as hating anything from before Vatican II, are you a modernist?
  • You have stated repeatedly the miracles of the 'loaves and fishes' was one of sharing, are there any miracles you believe in, as the Church taught them before 1960?
  • If the Tridentine Latin Mass is a passing fashion, what are you?

Dear reader we know you could come up with more than a few good questions of your own.  Read a partial transcript of the interview at Radio Vatican, Pope Francis Interview: “Believers and non-believers, we’re all brothers and sisters”.

Another take on the interview:

(“Jesus is a monkey, Mary is a cow” graffiti on the Deir Rafat Catholic monastery near Jerusalem, Israel)

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