Friday, May 2, 2014

For only $225 you can understand Francis

("I'm here to tell you Francis is catholic & a saint!")
Another from the you can't make this stuff up file!  Jimmy Akin, senior apologist over at Catholic Answers, will appear at the Catholic Answers National Conference where he will speak.  The topic of his talk is “Pope Francis: The Man, the Myth, and the Media.”

“Anyone who has kept up with what Pope Francis has said and done so far will realize that we have a much more interesting pope on our hands than the caricature given to us by CNBC and Fox News,” Akin said. 
Akin has been a student not only of the Holy Father’s first year in office but also of his career in Argentina. “Pope Francis’s call to bring the Faith to the world, to meet people where they are, and to bring them to Christ is a message he has been delivering for his entire priesthood,” said Akin. 
“People will be startled when they understand what Pope Francis is actually doing and just how badly the media has twisted the story to suit its own agenda,” he explained. “I look forward to cutting through the lies and distortions at this year’s conference.”

Unbelievable!  How does this man sleep at night?  He is reading the same news, we here at Call Me Jorge... are but he is flat out lying to his listeners.  Does he have a conscience?  This is the same man who was featured recently in the NoSacredCows video John Paul II & the Mark of Shiva on this blog in the entry, what passes for a catholic apologist these days.  Akin is the one who twists Francis' words to suit his own agenda.  A great example of this is Novus Ordo Watch's expose, A Miraculous Multiplication of Excuses, Akin to the Rescue: How to Understand what Francis Really Meant in 11 Easy Steps.

Better hurry and sign up by May 31 else it'll cost you $325!  Don't forget to also sign up for Jimmy Akin’s Secret Information Club.  We are not making this up he really has a Secret Information Club!

Keep this man, Jimmy Akin, in your prayers as well as his boss, whose words he spins.

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  1. Mr. Akin´s handsign is interesting.
    I guess signs like these aren´t by chance. I´ve never made such a sign.

    1. Wow, thanks for calling it to our attention.

  2. Who is worse? Someone like Obama who hasn't a clue about Catholicism but spouts off tired presidential platitudes and emptied sentiments about it or Jimmy Akin "Drum" who thinks he knows all about it and can charge exorbitant fees revealing nonentities to the gullible, easily parted from their money? Who do we choose? The failed "messiah" or the apologetic country bumpkin?

  3. Very soon every post-conciliar pope will be made a saint "subito": even the living!

  4. Thanks for all your comments, LeonG.

    We agree, see our previous post

    if you already haven't.