Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Francis agrees with Hillary

(Hillary enjoys picking her nose as does Francis.)
We are almost at a loss for words at Call Me Jorge... Francis just never stops with his implementation of the Second Vatican Council in its 'true spirit'. This day Francis tells Italian school students, their families, and their teachers how important school is. Is Francis against homeschooling?  Did he forget God?

Some of the gems of wisdom Francis gave in his talk on education:

"School isn't a parking lot."

"(School) It's a meeting place. (Students) meet friends, teachers, staff..."

"Today we need this culture of encounter to meet each other, to know each other, to love, to walk together."

"The school is the first society that integrates the family."

and our favorite, which he made the crowd recite,

"It takes a village to raise a child."

'Culture of encounter' is a modernist code word for un-Catholic like behavior.  Francis should avail himself of some of the resources at the Vatican and read Pope St. Pius X's Pascendi Dominici Gregis.  It is all about how Francis and his new evangelization of mercy to the peripheries is nothing more than, the heresy which synthesizes all heresies, modernism.  We won't hold our breathe expecting this to happen.

Before Francis got into the Popemobile to putter through the crowds, a rendition of the song Happy by Pharrell Williams was performed complete with Vatican dancers.  One Catholic we showed the video to quipped, "Apostasy would be a more fitting refrain."  Check out the women in skin tight jeans and men with untucked shirt tails towards the end in the video below.  This isn't exactly the Mary-like standards of dress Catholics are to follow.  Yet another step in the process of denigrating the Petrine Office.  For Francis, it is all in a days work!

(Hillary's book, It Takes A Village.)

(Hillary like Francis is happy!)


  1. That doesn´t surprise me.
    The German section of Radio Vatican reported some months ago that “Catholic schooling is education for tolerance” (Katholische Bildung ist Erziehung zur Toleranz)

    To practise “tolerance” has never been the goal of Catholic education before Vat II but rather it is one of the goals of the preamble of the UN-Charta.

    BTW, Pope Francis and UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon praised each other and the UN to the skies last week.

    And Hillary Clinton is an important person at the UN.
    Hillary Clinton tells UN: No human progress without abortion-on-demandhttp://www.lifesitenews.com/news/hillary-clinton-tells-un-no-human-progress-without-abortion-on-demand
    Sec. Clinton To UN: ‘Gay Rights Are Human Rights, And Human Rights Are Gay Rights’
    and so on and so forth...

    1. Thanks for your insightful comments Martina!
      We are glad to see you are still reading the blog :)

  2. Thank you for all your insightful posts!

    BTW, do you know that the Jews are preparing priests for their third temple?

    Israeli institute prepares priests for Jerusalem's third temple

    As I understand it, a certain „Maimonides” who lived long ago is very important for the rebuilding of the temple.
    “At the same time, we also understand that in the event Israel has not yet built the Temple by the time the messiah arrives, one of his duties will be to instruct them to do so. It is to this scenario that Maimonides refers when he states in his "Laws of Kings:"

    When I read this it reminded me instantly of your post about Cardinal Bergoglio who received in 2008 the “Maimonides award for inter-religious dialogue”.

    I have the strange feeling that we are being prepared for the arrival of a "Messiah" who shall be accepted by all "world-religions".

  3. In Pope Pius XI Casti Conubii, on Christian marriage makes absolutely NO MENTION OF the importance of the village in child-raising. It stresses Christian parents, the family and the church. Nothing at all about this communist idea. If he was talking about the African concept of "village" this can also be very misleading. I doubt if he knows much about that.

    There goes another public statement for clarification that will also be readily abused by the secular powers. With friends like Francis, who needs enemies?

    1. exactly, Leon - people who follow this man and call him "holy" have Spiritual Stockholm syndrome

  4. Good God, sounding like hillary..........maybe next he'll quote obama!!!

  5. The most disgusting thing about this is this is promoting not only, by inference, the UN Rights of the Child, WHICH John Paul II signed, by the way, but pushing the communist mentality also embraced by nearly every government now that children belong to the STATE before they belong to their parents. Which is why they can divorce their parents, or whatever the case may be, or the State can decide that vaccination is good for them if the parents think it isn't, etc. NO....a PARENT raises a child - a PARENT - preferably a MOTHER and a FATHER - for the child to BOND with - the BONDING is what matters. If the child cannot bond with the parent, then the child cannot give or receive love, and will not have empathy or conscience. THIS is what it TAKES to raise a child. They have to BOND in order to LEARN properly as well - cause and effect will NOT kick in without that. But the new world order does NOT want people who can 'connect the dots" - therefore - OUT with cause and effect! Out with reason! Out with logic! Let your emotions rule the day!

    So many children are being messed up with attachment problems due to daycare and homes splitting up and a child who cannot be bonded to others cannot learn to love God. A parent's job is to help lead them to Him who made them. A 'village" can't do that, and a village won't wash their clothes, or tuck them in at night, or take them to the doctor. The 'village" mostly doesn't give a shoot anymore.

    It's just more of Bergoglio carrying out his satanic masters' plans to attack the basic unit of society - the Family. And all the Democrat supporting novus ordoites will clearly recognize he just endorsed Hillary for president by saying that as well.