Tuesday, May 27, 2014

hide the pectoral cross...

(Sephardic rabbi Yitzak Josef, Jorge Bergoglio, and Ashkenazi rabbi David Lau.)

Is Francis playing hide the pectoral cross  again with his rabbinical friends?  Remember he last played this game, in the Vatican, when he had all those rabbis over for the kosher "Last Lunch"?   (click here to read "I spy with my little eye something hidden...")  Even if his pectoral cross inadvertently slipped into his sash, this is still symbolic of how Francis hides Christ from the Jews.  We here at Call Me Jorge... have yet to see any evidence of Francis evangelizing the Jews.  For more on this subject see, 


  1. You know, I think you are exactly right: it happens too much to be a coincidence. I'm going to be alert to this whenever I see any future pictures. Keep up the good work.

  2. 666 indeed - look forward to when you get to statement about pedophilia being like satanic black mass - some believe homosexuality 'squaring the circle' is all about worshiping satan also.

  3. According to several occult researchers I have listened to recently online, the act of engaging in homosexuality is part of an initiation process into the occult and demonic possession. This is why it is alleged that members of Skull and Bones society are encouraged to engage in one of these acts as part of their initiation. Laying in a coffin is another part, which is also allegedly part of masonic initiation. Many celebrities are pictured now in print ads as either 'dead' or in coffins. There is a website online that shows a lot of masonic symbolism in print ad work as well as in popular entertainment - music videos, films, etc - vigilantcitizen.com. They are doing work that Catholics ought to be doing, rather than wasting their energy and time debating how a heretic can still be a 'pope.'

    Anyway, according to what I have listened to, the homosexual act being against nature breaks down a person's sense of self identity and makes them more susceptible to demonic obsession or possession.

    1. Regarding your last paragraph: that's what Crowley thought.