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Jawdrop!! Francis supports the FSSPX!


                                         Bp. Fellay on uber-Zionist Max Krah

The post below has been taken from Rorate Caeli which translated part of Bp. Fellay's remarks from French into English.  (Click here for Rorate Caeli post) (Click here for FSSPX post in French language)  As a bonus following that excerpt, we are including an audio of Bp. Fellay's remarks (in Spanish) at the 8 October 2012 conference for priests in La Roja on the subject of Maximilian Krah.  According to Fr. Bouchacourt, the District Superior of FSSPX in South America, the audio is for internal use only and not to be shared with any priest outside our District or any parishioner without his explicit permission.

SSPX Bp. Fellay on Pope Francis: "He has read the biography of Abp. Lefebvre twice - and he liked it." And some other important revelations

In a visit to the French city of Fabregues on May 11 (that is, the day following Rorate's revelation of his meeting with Pope Francis), the Superior-General of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bp. Bernard Fellay, spoke at length about various matters of relevance to his congregation. The most important part was that related to the personality of Pope Francis:

With the current pope, as he is a practical man, he looks at people. What a person thinks, what he believes, is at the end a matter of indifference to him. What matters is that this person be sympathetic in his view, that he seems correct to him, one may say it like this.

And therefore he read twice Bp. Tissier de Mallerais' book on Abp. Lefebvre, and this book pleased him; he is against all that we represent, but, as a life, it pleased him. When, as a Cardinal, he was in South America, the District Superior [Fr. Christian Bouchacourt] came to ask him for an administrative favor with no relation to the Church; a visa problem, of permanent residency. The Argentine government, which is very leftwing, makes use of the concordat that was established to protect the Church to bother us quite seriously, and tells us, "you say you are Catholic, it is thus necessary for you to have the signature of the bishop in order to reside in the country." The District Superior therefore went to him to present the problem: there was an easy solution, and that would be to declare ourselves an independent church [before Civil Law], but we did not want to do it because we are Catholic. And the Cardinal told us, "no, no, you are Catholic, that is evident; I will help you;" he wrote a letter in our favor to the government, that is so leftwing that they managed to find a opposing letter by the nuncio. Therefore, a 0-0 tie. Now he is the pope, and our lawyer had the opportunity of having a meeting with the Pope. He told him that the problem was still going on with the Society, and asked him to please designate a bishop in Argentina with whom we could sort out this problem. The Pope told him, "Yes, and this bishop is myself, I promised to help, and I will do it."

I am still waiting for it, but anyway he said it, just as he said that, "those people there, they think I will excommunicate them, but they are mistaken;" he said something else that was very interesting: "I will not condemn them, and I will not stop anyone from visiting them [lit. 'd'aller chez eux'.]" Once again, I will wait to see. 

[Source: French District of the SSPX]

Monsignor Fellay defends the Zionist Krah

( Fr. Bouchacourt's email with remarks about conference.)

Above, we have Bp. Fellay relating how Francis has helped the FSSPX in Argentina with visa problems.  He then states how even though Francis disagrees with the FSSPX, Francis still considers the FSSPX part of his Novus Ordo church.  Francis has even read the biography of Archbishop Lefebvre twice!  Why only if the two sides sat down we here at Call Me Jorge... are certain the FSSPX would convert the Novus Ordo church, not!  Was Bp. Fellay born yesterday?  If one is going to war the best way to defeat your enemy is to know how he thinks.  Gen. George S. Patton alludes to this when telling how he defeated the German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, "Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

This brings up another question, are the disagreements of Fellay & Francis just a matter of style as opposed to substance?  We have an uber-zionist in one Max Krah who is the trustee of a 90 million Euros (123 million US Dollars) foundation.  This foundation was started by Mrs. Rosa Von Gutmann who left her 30% share of the assets of the Rosa und Wolfgang von Gutmann of Liechtenstein Foundation to the Austrian District of the FSSPX in the form of a foundation.  The Gutmann fortune comes from usury and mining.  Krah is assisting Fellay in transferring these assets into direct control of the FSSPX.  In his remarks Bp. Fellay brushes off Max Krah's Zionism with straw men arguments and acts as if there is no problem.  Would Pope St. Pius X see it the same way?  It appears to us Fellay loves mammon more than Christ.  When you factor in Francis' recent kowtowing to the father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, as well as his groveling behavior to his rabbinical brethren which took place during his trip to Israel with the shenanigans which took place and are still taking place in the FSSPX concerning these same people, one begins to wonder.  Are they serving the same masters?

Pope St. Pius X was expressly anti-Zionist.  The FSSPX is the acronym for Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Pii X or in English Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X.  Pope St. Pius X is the namesake of their Society.  Recently, we have Francis putting flowers on the grave of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism.  Francis is essentially thumbing his nose at this saint and at the Priestly Society named after him.  Guess what?  We searched the FSSPX, French and English language, websites and couldn't find a protest against this.  Why the silence from Fellay and company?

Soon we will have another update on Dr. Herr Krah...

Francis asks Bp. Fellay to pray for him

(The actual words exchanged when Bp. Fellay 
met Francis at Casa Sancta Marta in the Vatican.)
Francis :  Pleased to meet you.

Fellay :  I pray a lot.

Francis :  Pray much for me.

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  1. Bishop Fellay is certainly no Archbishop Lefebvre. He got his fingers badly burnt taking on Ratzinger who was way too astute for him and caught him in the SP trap - if you want the 1962 Latin Version Mass then you have to recognise the fabricated protestant anthropocentric Novus Ordo Seclorum liturgy. And by the way thank you for recognising the "validity" of the excommunications asking for them to be rescinded.
    Frankly, how naive can he be? They were canonically illegal in any case.

    Does Bishop Fellay do this on purpose or is he just plain naive?

    He had better watch out with Francis because this man is seriously very dangerous for the SSPX - he is apparently benign and humble but behind this facade is a disarming invitation to finally wreck The Society.