Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jorge the Bishop is here!

Jorge’s first pastoral visit in 2013 was to a Roman parish where he told children who had the week before made their first communions the following (at 2 minutes 25 seconds): 

"You know these two priests very well. They are the Pope's secretaries. But the Pope is in the Vatican: today, the Bishop of Rome is here! Both are very good." (Points towards the Vatican as this was said then to himself.)

So I’m confused is Jorge the Pope or not?  Why was the media silent on this?  Could you see the gossip magazines’ headlines:  "Pope Francis confused as to who is on first…"

Another blatant sign of modernism from Jorge Bergoglio who styles himself Francis.


  1. I think he has a touch of dementia!!!!!

  2. A liberal modernist for sure - everything they do and say requires clarification.