Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Karaoke (Suor) Cristina is going to the finals!!!

(The trinity of the NWO? A nun, a sodomite, and an immigrant.)
The wannabe rock 'n roll pop star who moonlights as a nun, Suor Cristina, has been victorious in the semi-finals and will be competing in the June 5th finals to be the next Voice of Italy!  Will she get her wish and meet Francis?  After all she believes, as do her fans, that she is evangelizing the world by sharing her love of music.  Tonight, Suor Cristina karaoke(d) her way through three songs: Le copa de la vida, The Time of My Life, and Sally.

Livin' la vida loca, She bangs, 
Adrenalina, Le copa de la vida

Le copa de la vida with 
Suor Cristina starts at 3:30

The Time of My Life

A cleaner version of the hit song 
from the movie Dirty Dancing.


Sally walks down the street without even looking at her steps
Sally is a woman who doesn't want to fight anymore
Sally has suffered too much
Sally already knows what could collapse on her
Sally have been punished yet
for each single distraction ("temptation" in some version) or weakness of her
for each single pure caress
given for not to feel the bitterness

hear, outside it's raining hear,
what a gentle sound
Sally walks down the street and she's sure
she's not thinking about anything
now she looks at people with indifferece
Those moments are so far away
when a glance used to cause excitement
when life used to be easier
and it used to be possible to eat strawberries too
because life is a thrill that flies away
it's a balance fully built on madness on madness

hear, outside it's raining hear,
what a gentle sound

but, Sally, perhaps this is the meaning of your roaming
perhaps you have to feel a little bad in the end
perhaps in the end of this sad story
someone will find the courage
to deal with feelings of guilt
and delete them from this journey
to really live each moment
along with its excitement
and as it was the last one

Sally walks down the street and she's thoughtless
it's about evening
the lights of street lamps light up
all people runs at home in front of the televisions
and a thought goes through her head
perhaps life wasn't all lost
perhaps something was saved
perhaps it wasn't really all wrong
perhaps it was right just so
perhaps... perhaps... yes, it was

so, what can I say?
hear, what a gentle sound

Let's get started in recapping tonight.  Nothing says you're a nun like singing a song with an open sodomite, Ricky Martin.  On his website Ricky wrote, "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am" and he further states happiness comes from sodomy!  Next Suor Cristina sings The Time of My Life the melody associated with the movie Dirty Dancing.  In the movie the anti-heroine played by Jennifer Grey borrows money from her father to finance an abortion and also learns to dirty dance so this same woman can go get her abortion!  Singing this song is definitely not Mary-like behavior.  To finish the night, Suor Cristina warbles her way through Vasco Rossi's song Sally.  As the translated lyrics above attest, it is not exactly an uplifting song nor one about God.  So it fits the bill for Novus Ordo Cristina!  We almost forgot to mention Suor Cristina brought her coach, J-ax, to tears once again.  Oh see, she has to be of God if she is making him cry.  Remember with modernists it is all about a personal 'faith' experience!

Could someone please put a fork in this woman?

Sodomy, abortion, and sacrilegious behavior, 
it's all good in Francis' Novus Ordo church!

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  1. I wonder if she only wears the habit when she is performing, using it as a showbiz prop.

  2. Sally from our alley.

    Indeed, this is a potent symbol from the decadent liberal modernist post-conciliar protestant novus ordo seclorum apostasy. Cheap, nasty and definitely not Roman Catholic.

  3. The only suspense now is wondering when J-Ax will propose to Sister-Ax, making the name change official. Now, THAT would make a memorable Voice of Italy show. Maybe they could get Chaos Frank to officiate. Instead of Cristina having the ring put on her finger, it goes through her nose...or perhaps more fittingly, her tongue!