Sunday, May 4, 2014

Obama on canonizations

Statement by President Obama on the Canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II

Today, Michelle and I join Catholics around the world in celebrating the canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II.

The work and witness of both Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II shaped not only the Catholic Church but the world. Pope John XXIII articulated powerful roles for the Church in the cause of global peace and justice, and by convening the Second Vatican Council he revolutionized not only aspects of worship but the Catholic Church’s relationship with other faith communities. Pope John Paul II helped inspire the Solidarity movement in Poland, a movement that spread and eventually helped to end communism in Eastern Europe, and he spoke out forcefully against apartheid in South Africa and genocide in Rwanda. He had a special rapport with young people, drawing many of them to the Church’s work and teachings.

We celebrate these Saints and the leadership of His Holiness Pope Francis, and we look forward to continuing to work with Pope Francis and Catholics around the world to advance peace and justice for all people.

(Sacrilegious votive candles which portray Obama as a saint.)


  1. Michelle looks very convinced in the photo, doesn't she?
    The phony NO and its mass-produced phony "saints" is applauded by those who do not have a centimetre of discernment between them. Either that, or they know full well that their master the Devil is now running The Vatican and its crumbling and divisive liturgy.

  2. They know full well that their master the Devil is running the show. Birds of a feather, flock together. This is why the novus ordo can howl about having to pay for OB care contraception, when in reality their "priests" have been advising couples to use it and their hospitals, such as a large one in a large metropolitan area near where I live has been doling it out for years. All hot air. Remember "Cardinal" Dolan yucking it up with OB and Romney at that Al Smith dinner? They looked like the Three Caballeros. The grins were so huge they could have been advertising toothpaste.

  3. I still question what happened in Poland with Reagan and JPII. Reagan I believe was a good man, JP II I question.

    How is it that JPII, when he lived in Poland came and went as he pleased and the other priests had to get permission from the government? They were forbidden to make a move without the authorization of the government.

    Then low and behold, JP II looks like a hero when he, Reagan take down communism in the Soviet and lessen their influence over Poland (in reality we know communism still exists), but nonetheless he looks like a miracle worker?

    Was it orchestrated so that John Paul II would look like a hero and be revered by all people? And this gives JP II a chance to make more changes in the church and all will be accepted by the people because of the miracles he has done?

    I question it, I seriously question it.

  4. There are some non Catholic conspiracy theorists who have pointed out that Wojtyla clearly does NOT have blood on his cassock when he was also 'shot' in spite of the fact that he was supposed to have been shot multiple times. However, the novus ordo supposedly has the bullet that shot him in a reliquary for all to venerate - which the photo the gal I saw had posted on a conspiracy blog looked pretty pristine (i.e. NEW) to me. He was the 'great ham actor" after all. That entire 'incident' of his purported assassination attempt was to make him a darling of all the novus ordo 'conservatives' who having been traumatized by the demon incarnate Montini, were hoping that Our Lord would let them have a real pope after that man had about totally destroyed the Church and then had the unbelievable gall to make his comment about the "smoke of Satan" - off whatever it was he was smoking perhaps.

    So....smiling Garrulous Karolus the Koran Kisser came along - Kiril Lakota of Shoes of the Fisherman fame - to schmooze and cajole everyone with his love me, love me stage persona, and making triangles of benediction over the crowd rather than the sign of the Cross. Not to mention the devil's hand he shoved out while saying "civilization of love" which is another catchphrase for the world government. But...the assassination, which apparently the guy who shot him said he was 'hired' to do and then made to hush up, according to this conspiracy site I read, made him the obvious 'fulfillment' of the rumored "Angelic Pastor" of the Fatima secrets - and then having the smiling phoney Sister Lucia - the one with the obviously different jaw - pose and grin with him at Fatima - well, he's the miracle man, alrighty!

    I can't remember which site had that stuff about the shooting being a hoax but I'm certain if you check around on the net you will find it. The person who posted this stuff was no fan of Catholics, but with these novus ordo guys you can certainly understand why they do not like "Catholics" - these people are hardly an example of what a Catholic is supposed to be. Notice the Mohammedans in the Sudan are ready to execute that gal who converted to Christianity for marrrying a Christian man and converting, and she's pregnant besides? Yep, there's that religion that Wojtyla loved so much he kissed their book. Now...think Catholics - what true POPE would do such a thing?!!! And you people want to say this man is a SAINT?!!! Come on!!!! Wake up!!! Don't you realize you are being played?