Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#SisterAx is Livin' On A Prayer

Tonight on The Voice of Italy, Suor Cristina returned and sang, Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi.  One catholic we talked to asked us if we thought Suor Cristina was a rock-star who moonlights as a nun.  We replied in the affirmative.  This 1986 hit, according to wikipedia, is a rant about Reaganomics, also referred to as trickle down economics, and how tough it is to make it in the world.  This fits in with all of Francis' off the cuff remarks during his sermons about how evil business is, as well as his (hammer &) encyclical Evangelii Gaudium. We here at Call Me Jorge... did a little more research and found Jon Bon Jovi explaining, at the 1989 MTV Music Awards, the song's meaning.  The song is about a high school friend who got a scholarship to play baseball in college but had to hang up his cleats and go into the work force because he had premarital sex which resulted in his girlfriend becoming pregnant.  This is truly, yet again, another song not proper for a 'nun' to be singing.  The Novus Ordo church seems to have lost all sense of decency and purity.  We would bet Suor Critina's supporters think this song is great and evangelizes because the refrain mentions the word 'prayer.'  Suor Cristina obviously has no problem with it as she sings this song with pride on television for the world to see!

    Jon Bon Jovi explaining the song, Livin' 
    On A Prayer at 1989 MTV Music Awards

    (The explanation starts at 40 seconds and finishes at 1 minute 40 seconds.)

    We almost forgot.  For those curious, Suor Cristina is moving on to the semi-finals.

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    1. "We've got to hold on ready or not
      You live for the fight when it's all that you've got'
      (Can't find the Biblical reference to this or the papal encyclical in which this has been cited).

      Yes! that sounds suitably Novus Ordo Seclorum to me - pity they abandoned Sacred Tradition.

      Frankly, one can only fear the worst for this frustrated liberal modernist nun who is unable to find any vocational peace as a religious, like so many of her modernist contemporaries I have noticed. What the mother superior is up to one can only conjecture but it certainly symbolises the almost absolute lack of discipline in the neo-conciliar church.

    2. The song's unspoken implication being that the 'girlfriend' should have had an abortion.

    3. Agree with MaryC.

      By the way; this is a very informative blog

    4. At least she didn't have an abortion. If the song came out today, she would have an abortion and then decide she was really meant to be a lesbian after all.

    5. Lolol...i hope you people spend equal time evangelizing during your criticizing! Whew!

    6. Once again Nancy is back doing her ad hominem attacks rather than addressing FACTS and true issues regarding dogma and doctrine at hand, letting her right brain control her left brain. Like Martin Luther before her, she shows her contempt for reason and logic, which a true Catholic has always been encouraged to ASSIST him in his quest for spiritual growth and development.

      Suor Cristina clearly gave the satanic horned hand during one of her performances. These gestures MEAN things in the occult, Nancy. Your ignorance is appalling of the subject. Even the Protestant heretics have enough sense to know what these things mean. Any good video made by any well informed evangelical protestant on the occult will demonstrate to you what those gestures mean. See the two part series Hollywood Unmasked to gain some knowledge of what the entire business of the "entertainment industry" is about - ergo, to preach the gospel of antichrist and prepare humanity to accept the AC when he shows up as the Messiah, rather than Jesus Christ. What anyone who has any sensus catholicus left here is doing is evangelizing to those who are appalling ignorant of their Faith such as you Nancy. Quit your ad hominem attacks and start studying some orthodoxy rather than slinging mud at those who are rocking your comfort zone.

    7. By the way, Nancy, I just clicked on your blogger name profile and saw what an "inspiration" Suor Cristina is to you. No wonder you can't handle any reasonable logical criticism of her non Catholic behavior by anyone else. You are truly a modernist through and through just as she is. Good luck following them into the one world church under Antichrist. Good luck with that.

    8. Good luck with all the negativity.The hand sign ...look it sign for love..think someone mentioned that. Judge me all you'd like, "Anonymous". It's interesting that you feel qualified to do that, not knowing me AT ALL. I believe some people are just determined to turn others away from religion by their attitudes. Stupid, incapable, horrible person that you people seem to think I am...i am quite thankful for the Sister Cristinas of the world. They call people names. You just don't get, living in your self righteous world. There are the thinkers of the world, the kind, gentle ones who serve God and then there are the know-it-alls! And "Anonymous" I'm as comfortable as you seem to be with Judgement Day

    9. I am a christian and while I agreed of many things you said you fail to recognize the youth made mistake and this boy rather than go and search for his dream and being selfish, he stayed and assumed the responsibility of the paternity something that 70% of youth doesn't do and ends up in abortion this guy story did not, Therefore, indeed,cristina is sailing into unknown seas and her innocence and driven by their superior sisters is putting her on a compromise place. However, she doesn't give any interviews lately, increase her church time retirement, and trying not to fall too much into temptation in the only way she knows. Anyway, I m not catholic, Im christian and I understand what you saying and everything needs to be confront with the scriptures but since Im not perfect I can not be so righteous myself.

    10. btw, the satanic horn hand came out of her old youth, and sometimes ignorance. It is like saying a new born christian never say bad words from the old self, that would never happen since we try to be perfect having christ in our heart but we do fail now and then like you do yourself. Im not defending the sister, but she is not in the same religious we are so rather than criticizes her why dont you go over there and talk about our lord? God ask us to go an evangelizes not being here written blogs trying to warn people just for the sake of warning....We cristian talk too much and look for signs everywhere and then sit on our fat self in a computer and start pointing the finger to people instead of trying to reach those people and teach the WORD of our LORD Jesus CHrist who die in a cross for everyone and came to this world not to save the one who is saved but the one who needs to be save since that is what really Jesus asked for us. Im done here....