Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the canonizations were 'Tikkun Olam'

The only rabbi from the United States of America at the dual canonizations in Rome was Jay Harvey Rosenbaum.  In the article, A Rabbi's View From The Canonization In Rome, Rabbi Rosenbaum wrote, for The New York Jewish Week, today we read the usual claptrap about interfaith relations, how John Paul II & John XXIII transformed the catholic faith, and how catholics are now the partners of Jews in 'healing the world.'  We wonder how long it will be in the Novus Ordo church until the greatest sin imaginable will be denying the 'holocaust' and a fifth mark of the church will be proclaimed, 'worshiping the counterfeit state of Israel'?  Why all the rabbis or we should say deniers and blasphemers of Christ at the dual canonizations?

A Rabbi’s View From The Canonization In Rome
Tue, 05/06/2014 
Rabbi Jay H. Rosenbaum

Making my way to Rome for the Canonization of a Pope, let alone two, was never on my to-do list as a rabbi.  Yet, on April 27, I found myself as the sole representative of the American rabbinate in St. Peter’s Square, doing just that.  It was an honor to share that moment in history with my esteemed colleagues, Rabbi David Rosen, international director for religious affairs of the American Jewish Committee, Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland, and Rabbi Abraham Sorka, advisor to Israel’s Chief Rabbinate from Buenos Aires, who co-authored a book with Pope Francis.

For days leading up to this historic event, the secular press speculated that Pope Francis had chosen to elevate to sainthood Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II on the same occasion as outreach to both the conservative and liberal wings of the Catholic Church.  What struck me as a rabbi was the obvious fact that both courageous souls had transformed 2,000 years of Catholic teaching about the Jews and Catholic-Jewish relations, heralding the dawn of a new era based on respect, understanding and appreciation.

At the moment when the statements of canonization were proclaimed, I wondered if it was sheer circumstance that this was occurring on the eve of Yom HaShoah and the days leading up to Yom Ha’Atzmaut. For both popes knew first-hand the enormity of loss and unspeakable horror our people suffered during the Holocaust -- and witnessed the birth of the State of Israel emerging like a Phoenix from the ashes of man’s greatest act of inhumanity to man.

Pope John XXIII, during the Shoah, helped to save from extermination Jews in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria.  Pope John Paul II lost dear friends to the Nazi monster.  In 2003 he was honored to receive the medal of a “Righteous Among the Nations” for saving a two-year old Jewish boy in 1942, providing for him to be hidden by a Polish family.

In addition, John Paul II was the first pope to visit a synagogue, the first pope to visit Auschwitz and the first to visit the State of Israel. In Jerusalem he placed a letter inside the stones of the Western Wall, asking for forgiveness for the actions against Jews.  He established diplomatic relations with the State of Israel and condemned anti-Semitism as a sin against God, something no pope had previously done.  

Therefore, to me, the unprecedented canonization of two popes on this same moment in history was, in part, a statement and act of outreach to world Jewry by Pope Francis.

Being seated with my colleagues, adjacent to where Pope Francis stood as he presided over the canonization, underscored the progress we have made these last five decades since Pope John XXIII convened Vatican II. It was a cause for great hope in the future of Catholic-Jewish relations.

We were greeted warmly with handshakes, hugs and words of appreciation for attending the service.

While we do not believe in saints in the same manner as the Catholic Church, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II acted with chesed toward Am Yisrael.  They were truly tzadikim in transforming the way the Catholic Church viewed and acted toward the Jewish People.  And so, as I left the canonization ceremony, my belief was reinforced that Catholics and Jews can partner in repairing the world in the vision of the Almighty for the benefit of all humankind.


  1. AND POWER WAS GIVEN TO HIM TO MAKE WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS, AND TO OVERCOME THEM. Will Antichrist come and sit in Rome, as Cardinal Manning told Cardinal Newman, in his PRESENT CRISIS OF THE HOLY SEE, rather than a rebuilt temple, something which, the last time it was attempted under Julian the Apostate, miserably failed, with the Jews working to see that done either outright killed, or miraculously having crosses emblazoned on their clothing which would not wash out. Lightning came from Heaven and fireballs from under the earth to destroy their attempt to found new stones for a new foundation at that time - St. Cyril of Jerusalem was an eyewitness to it all. St. John Chrysostom discourses on this in his Discourses Against Judaizing Christians. Even the doors of the true Catholic Church at that time were miraculously SHUT to the Jews that ran there in panic seeking some sort of sanctuary. Now, the Christ haters and deniers are invited in with full ceremony and pomp, still working hard as they ever have this two thousand years, to overthrow the order of Jesus Christ and His Social recognition and reign, and are fully aided and abetted by the hierarchy of the post Vatican II Conciliar "Catholics" including the six last 'papal' occupants.

  2. Homosexual pope Paul VI talked eloquently of the New World Order as he lauded the UN and the new era of the reign of Man. His liturgy the Novus Ordo Seclorum is the parallel ecumenising propaganda instrument for deconstructing The Roman Catholic Faith and installing this insidious evil anthropocentric disorientation. We can be in no other period than that spoken of by Prophet Daniel, The Book of The Apocalypse of St John and the various prophecies drawing our attention to the days when the church would be overcome by Satan in becoming the Seat of Anti-Christ.
    Imagine - the deviants in The Vatican and their useful idiots outside are promoting the psychologically disordered Montini for post-conciliar "sainthood". The man who destroyed unity in the Latin Rite Church with his fabricated and banal Novus Ordo and who propagated rebellion against Sacred Tradition. The man who allowed the smoke of Satan into the sanctuary and attempted to abrogate the perpetually doctrinally guaranteed traditional Latin Mass. The man who chaired the auto-demolition of the church, using his own terminology.
    Isn't time somnolent neo-catholics awoke from their ignorant torpor and took a good, long and testing look at what is going on?

  3. Anti-Christ is already in the "Holy See" - they have established international paedophile rings linked with those created by the British so-called "royal" family and its subserviant lackeys. Everywhere throughout the education and care system we can see child physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The Vatican City is part and parcel of this heinous criminal regime of financial fraud through money-laundering (JPII sat on it for many years and rescued Marcinkus from possible legal consequences of it); systematic child abuse (QED) and complicity to defraud the Catholic community by various means liturgically, pastorally and postmodernist pseudo-biblical exegesis, such as it is.
    The fact that Lombardi and his co-conspirators have tried to claim that The Vatican has no responsibility over the behaviour of its delinquent bishops & presbyters in the catholic world demonstrates the extent of its criminal neglect. Delay, cover-up, obfuscation and secretive "no-tell" out-of-court settlements reveals just how uncharitable this new post-conciliar regime is.

  4. Dear LeonG,

    Can you kindly provide a source for your comment about Lombardi? I deal with Novus Ordoites who believe that nothing is translated properly and all Vatican officials' comments (including Jorge's) are "taken out of context". They take their cues from Jimmy Akin.