Monday, May 19, 2014

the 'elder' brother's ❤ of Catholicism

Maurice Pinay over at the Maurice Pinay Blog has a two important posts today concerning the direction the Novus Ordo faith is proceeding and which also question, why the silence from almost all circles on the attacks of the Catholic religion from the so-called Elder Brothers. To answer for our lack of 'highlighting' these price tagging crimes, it comes down to time & difficulty in finding photos & videos.

(Benedict XVI, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, & Cardinal Koch.)


  1. This is the only Catholic source I know of that has drawn any attention to my research on the 'Noahide' agenda of the Vatican Commission for Religious relations with 'the Jews' and for that it should be commended.

    1. Maurice,

      Your comments are too kind and we are undeserving of them. We just copy & paste the link. We strive but often fall short of the level of research and depth of insight you have set with your blog. Our frustration with the mainstream media, the traditional catholic media, and the example of the Maurice Pinay Blog in why we started Call Me Jorge... Our thanks for the tireless work you have put in for many years.

      -Call Me Jorge...

  2. In my opinion most Catholics don´t understand what this "dialogue with the Jews" is all about because they even don´t understand their own faith. So they cannot see that the Catholic faith has been judaized or should I say “noahidised" right before their eyes since decades. I wouldn´t be able to understand the relevance of what you and Maurice Pinay are posting if I had not read the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament with magisterial explanations in the form of an old Vulgata and if I had not read some of the 8 “homilies against the Jews and the judaizing Christians" from the Father of his Church St. John Chrsysostom.

    BTW, Rabbi Sacks seems to be a very important person since. Last year one of the top players of the NWO praised him to the skies:

    Tribute to Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks - Speech by HRH The Prince of Wales

    The Rabbi is very eloquent:
    The Future of Judaism with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

    And a link about the political background of Prince Charles, a very important person at the UN, who “not happy with the Christian faith, turned to "para- psychology" which some define as "dabbling in the occult."

  3. Ah! The deceits of liberal modernism and the anthropological phenomenological disorientation of post-conciliar papaldom. So much education in our epoch but it is all reductionist cultural relativism with a craftily deformed and myopic view of world knowledge. Everything in our modern education system has been gutted to produce selfish shallow thinking individuals with a spiritless, materio-centricity.

    No wonder neo-catholics swallow the judaeic-myths disseminated by the very postmodernisst showman who rubbished 1965 years of Roman Catholicism - its Latin liturgical tradition for inculturated babel; its doctrinal clarity for liberalised ambiguity and nebulousness; its Christo-centric missionary spirit for pantheism and its evangelical pastoral processes for ecumenical and interconfessional indifferentism.

    The Talmudic and masonic authorities manage The Vatican by proxy and with the tacit complicity of ignorant hierarchs who no longer have any sensus catholicus.

    Not my elder brother - he is a jewish neighbour in great need of conversion to Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ without Whom salvation is impossible. Indeed, the same Person the jews have rejected instead awaiting someone entirely different. This is why their covenant with God is long finished. The veil of the Temple was split at the death of Our Saviour & the building itself was destroyed as Christ had prophesied - significant how liberal modernists continually overlook the truth confusing it with their phony search for truth with the demon of liberal modernism.

    Deo Gratias Fr Luigi Villa.