Monday, May 5, 2014

the media that ❤'s Francis hates Christ

see: On the Contrary, Media Fraud Debunked: “Jesus had a wife” hoax


  1. Israel Wants To Give Mount Zion And The Tomb Of David To The Vatican?

  2. I wouldn't pay any attention to anything on that site. It is obviously designed to paint the Jews as poor, innocent lambs whom everybody else hates and is out to get.

  3. This is all a distraction, as far as I am concerned, from those who have taken over the buildings of our Church, and have their man in the papal chair, to appease Protestant apocalyptic fantasies, and to divert attention away from the big show that they have control of the Vatican, not vice versa. Why else would Berg yuck it up with the Christ haters at the "last lunch' as posted in the last month's archives? Reminds me of what I remember Fawn Brody claimed Joseph Smith told some old military man that was standing next to him on a stage when he was 'witnessing' the Mormon "faith" to a crowd he was preaching to "Look how I got 'em fooled!" or something along those lines. It's been years since I attempted to read her book on the Mormon Church's founder, No Man Knows My History, but it certainly seems that since Smith was a mason, had studied all religions, and something of a showman, that he is a good person to compare these Vatican II huckster papal imposters with.