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Yes Jimmy, he did!

Francis never ceases to amaze us. On 6 May 2014, the 93 year old Salesian priest, Don Michele De Paolis was kissed on the hand by Francis!  We can hear Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers saying,

"What's the big deal?"


"Pope Francis shows respect to someone who has given his life to the service of God!"


"Ten things you need to know about Pope Francis kissing hands."


"Did Pope Francis really kiss a priest's hand?"

In the style of Jimmy, let's recount the day!

Don Michele is given the honor of reading the gospel at a Novus Ordo Missae Mass he concelebrated with Francis at the Chiesa di Santa Marta in the Vatican on 6 May 2014.

Don Michele presents Francis with a hand carved Franciscan cross made from the wood of an olive tree.

Don Michele also gave Francis a hand carved chalice and paten made of olive wood.

Don Michele asks Francis to pray for a childless couple.

Don Michele presents Francis with a copy of his book, Caro don Michele…Domande a un prete scomodo. Translated into English as, Dear Father Michael ... Questions for an uncomfortable priest.

And so we get to Francis kissing the hand of Don Michele, another example of how humble Francis is!

Is there video which can confirm Don Michele was actually at the Mass?

One can see Don Michele sitting at the 1 minute 19 seconds mark in the video.

So far, so good.  Did Don Michele have anything to say about his encounter with Francis?

According to Foggia Today, Don Michele recounted,
"I concelebrated with the Pope Francis. I read the gospel. After the celebration, the Pope receives the presents in another room. I, with my companion, we were the last (in the line).

I spoke of the "the rejected stones", with which I live; I presented him with the gifts (a crucifix, a chalice and a paten in olive wood, beautiful); I communicated our ongoing initiatives for immigrants in Lampedusa.

It was very happy. I told him: "All of us, we would love to have an audience for us, of Emmaus. Is this possible? "" Everything is possible. Discuss this with Cardinal Maradiaga and update him on each of these things." Next, he kissed my hand!  I hugged him and I cried."
So is there anywhere else we can look to find out more about this 93 year old priest?

Great idea!  Let's start off with the header Don Michele has on his facebook page. (Click here for Michele De Paolis' facebook) Wow, he must be  cutting edge if he has a facebook page!

This translates into English as the following:
I am a layman, a humble believer, always in search,
a priest available for service, disinterested,
free within the Christian community and in society, the next to the last.
Anticlerical, that you do not belong to a caste, to a category;
no official religion. Trying to give peace and joy to people
who are living in the most dramatic situations of existence:
the non-believers, the separated, the divorced, those who have stumbled with abortion,
the sodomites, the desperate, the multitude of the excluded.
Searching for light in the Gospel on the topics discussed in the Church,
such as the celibacy of the priesthood, the priesthood of women,
the pedophilia, the sick and the dying.
Any alarm bells going off yet?

Let's look at his life as a priest.  Is there anything which he is noted for?  A good confessor, performing miracles, solving problems, piety, anything?

Why yes, we are glad you asked, Jimmy!  Don Michele has co-founded two interesting groups in his long career as a priest, Comunità sulla Strada di Emmaus and Agedo Foggia. These are two of the things he is noted for.

The Comunità sulla Strada di Emmaus (click here for website) was founded in 1978 by Don Michele Mongiello, Don Nicola Palmisano and Don Michele De Paolis. It was established in the spirit of St. Don Bosco in the parish of the Sacred Heart which is located on the outskirts of Foggia in the slums.  It  pursues a number of objectives, including the recovery and social reintegration of drug addicts, give educational responses to various forms of adolescent awkwardness and the youthful in spirit, and is addressed especially to the marginalized (code word for sodomites), as well as encourages participation in the life of the area by promoting forms of active and responsible citizenship.  It is a voluntary commune.  Sounds like one of don Luigi Ciotti's groups doesn't it?  Don Michele is well known for the Bible study class he teaches there.

Agedo Foggia is the acronym for Assosciazione Genitori & Amici Di Omosessuali di Foggia.  This translates into English as the Association of Parents & Friends of Homosexuals of Foggia.  The Foggia chapter of Agedo was founded by Don Michele and the late Gabriele Scalfarotto in 2010 under the larger umbrella group of Agedo Nazionale.  A great thing right?  All sodomites should have friends who pray for them and help them get out of their sinful life.  Only, that's not what Agedo does.  Instead it organizes marches demanding special rights for sodomy and encourages these perverts to change the laws to accept & reward their same sinful behavior. (click here for Agedo Foggia's website) or (here for Agedo Nazionale's)
Maybe, he did this with the best of intentions and the groups went off the rails so to speak?  Well, first off, he is still with both groups being the honorary president of Emmaus and a regular speaker at Agedo.  To answer your second claim, let's examine some of Don Michele's words and actions.

In September 2011 Don Michele excited the audience of the Democratic Party in a question and answer session with Tommaso Pasqua.  He told how his positions are often at odds with the Church's. Further he added he does not think he is in the wrong concerning these positions.  One day he believes the Church will correct their mistaken beliefs on the role of women, homosexuality and unmarried couples.

But you are just paraphrasing one article and there are no quotes, it could be a smear piece.

You want quotes, we got quotes, just remember you asked for them, Jimmy!

Here are a few gems of wisdom Don Michele De Paolis shared in an article, Omosessualità e Fede, he wrote for Agedo Lecce, a sister organization of Agedo Foggia.  The underlines and bold for emphasis are Don Michele's and in the original.

..."Instead of wasting energy in endless controversy the ecclesial aims to build a Christian spirituality of joyous acceptance of self, gratitude to God in the knowledge that homosexual love is a gift from Him no less than heterosexual."

..."The boy or girl homosexuals can say to God: "You have made ​​us like this!" Connotations of the individual and that each of us come from nature, are a fact, such as height, skin color, shape of the nose, pigmentation of the pupil; we do not have a choice. And even sexual impulses: are the components of the identity of each; are not diseases, they are not sin. does not have anything to do with the will and the free choices of the individual and therefore ethics, good or bad.

In fact every person should love and protect their identity, should enhance all parts of his being, to grow in love, in friendship, in the pleasure of being themselves and reach their maturity. This is the will of God, because God wants happiness for each of his children."

..."To conclude: Pope Francis, a true gift from God to the Church, not only said that sentence reported by many newspapers, "Who am I to judge a homosexual?", Which already presupposes respect for the identity of each, which is a mystery ; but in his apostolic exhortation "The joy of the Gospel," he writes: "... we need to recognize that every person is worthy of our consideration. Not for its physical appearance, its ability pearls, for his mentality ... but why is the work of God, his creation ... Every human being is the subject of the infinite tenderness of God ... each is immensely sacred. "
I invite my homosexual brothers and sisters to enjoy this tenderness of God and to go on their way."


Wait there is more!

The following quotes are taken from an address Don Michele gave to Agedo Foggia,

"Today, the attitude of the Church against homosexuals is severe, inhumane and creates so much suffering, by saying that homosexuality is a sin . (...) Some people in the church say: "It's okay to be gay but you shall not have intercourse, they can not love each other! "This is the greatest hypocrisy. It's like saying to a plant that grows: "Thou shalt not flourish, it (the plant) must bear fruit." That yes, it is against nature."

..."I'm sick of homophobia . It's not true that you are in sin, because God loves you and He has put you in this inclination; it is his gift. This is your 'nature', which must be accepted and respected. You're not sick; you do not have to "heal" from this inclination.

And we have to have patience with our Mother Church. Her attitude towards homosexuals will change. Already, numerous initiatives have been born in this regard."

"At Emmaus nobody is dismissed or removed from communion with Jesus . Peace and joy"

Hold on we are not done yet.  Here is what one of his peers said about him,

(The late Gabriele Scalfarotto, one year before his suicide.)
Gabriele Scalfarotto one of the co-founders of Agredo Foggia two years before he committed suicide said the following,
"Don Michele and Don Dino, (are) two uncomfortable priests beloved by the most humble. Surrounded by marginalized decent (persons) and by volunteers, you immediately made available support to this atheist with respect, intent on an uphill battle for the rights of LGBT people, and were with him to fight and win."

This past year Don Michele addressed the city of Foggia with a conference speech titled, "Homosexuality and transsexuality: a dialogue between faith, science and the law is that possible?"

(Don Gallo, the late sodomite and communist priest.)
Is it any wonder Don Michele is referred to in Italy as the Don Gallo of the South?

Let's recap the recent news, Francis' Curia made a bunch of noise about priestly sexual abuse while doing nothing again, the FSSPX is still suspended, the LCWR receives a few blunt words, the Franciscan Friars Immaculate founder is still under house arrest, Francis isn't concerned with the heresies contained in Cardinal Kasper's book, Suor Cristina sings lewd songs on The Voice, and Francis pays homage to sodomy by kissing De Paolis on the hand.  Don't worry we are told the Novus Ordo church has the medicine to cure this, more implementations of Vatican II but in the correct spirit this time.  Now get to your man made vernacular Novus Ordo Missae!  Seems a bit odd, no?  It is as if...

(Francis making his usual mess wherever he goes.)
Is Jimmy Akin a bagger for the Modernist Shopping Mart?  His boss Francis just made another big mess!  We can hear it being announced over the PA system "Clean up in aisle #6"

Jimmy and his fellow apologists will most likely tell you, Francis didn't know about these things.  He didn't?  Please!  Guess those two new saints didn't know either or maybe they are looking at this from the wrong perspective?  Why not approach it from a different angle?  They all condone this type of behavior.  Oooo, that's scary!  It might lead one to conclude sodomy is rife in the Novus Ordo church and goes to its very core.  What did Christ have to say in the Sermon on the Mount?

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire.  Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. 

The last time Francis was hand holding with don Luigi Ciotti.  This time we have the hand kissing of Don Michele De Paolis.  We fear to guess what Francis will do next.  Don't worry, Jimmy the bagger tells us we haven't heard any official word from the Vatican so we will have to withhold our judgement because we couldn't possibly know what motivations were going through Francis' brain or heart.

Breaking news!  This just in from Michael Voris & the crew over at, "no comment" ...and what's that?  If you are reading Call Me Jorge... you are consuming spiritual pornography!  Are you serious Mike? (see ChurchMilitant.TV Will Not Engage in Public Criticism of the Pope)

With priests and apologists like these calling themselves Catholic is it any wonder the Novus Ordo church is confused?

Well Jimmy, do you know who Don Michele is now?

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  1. Pray for Michael Voorhis if he is reading Call Me Jorge. Get Fr. Saenz Y Arriaga's book, Michael, and read the books at Hutton Gibson's site. You need to stop standing up for the Great Apostasy Anti church. The saintly Fr. Leo F. McNamara said to his congregation when Vatican II happened "this is the Great Apostasy - when I am gone stay home and say your mass prayers. Don't go looking for the mass." Padre Pio knew of Fr. McNamara and called him a saint. He once blessed a child of a Japanese couple who was missing their arms and legs - once he pronounced the Latin blessing their arms and legs were restored. HE is the saint that should have been looked at being canonized - not the Koran Kisser and Mr. Paris masonic lodge attender. Bernard Fay must be rolling over in his grave about that with Roncalli after finding his name on the masonic lodge rolls - even his chauffeur told everyone about that, but he's just a little humble person and we're supposed to buy into the overthrowing of the Catholic Church and call it "good." Talk about the reverse order of things. Pray for Michael that the scales will fall from his eyes.

  2. Furthermore, soon these whited-sepulchres are going to ensure the homosexual Pope Paul VI becomes yet another factory production line post-conciliar "saint". The man who let satan into the sanctuary under his watch and who initiated an era, as he said himself, of ecclesiastical demolition. The man who allowed a freemason "Buan" to fabricate a banal anathematised vulgar tongued protestant anthropocentric anti-catholic liturgy. The man who lost 32,000 priests in the period after the devilishly liberal modernist Vatican Councils. Indeed, the pope who is the most admired by his liberal modernist quran embracing, bhuddist worshipping successor who completed the liturgical deconstruction with inculturation. Indeed the successor who tried to rush through his conanisation but was stalled by Fr Luigi Villa's book that exposes Paul VI for what he really was. Fr Villa condemns them all in his excellent treatises. Indeed, the priest encouraged by padre Pio to expose the masonry in the church.
    There is the post-conciliar papal establishment - the enemy within.

  3. This excerpted paragraph tells you that this 'priest's' brains have turned to gooey mush. Choosing who to bed down with is something from 'god' not the outcome of baser, uncontrolled willful impulses --it's your loving 'god' who makes you a sodomite or lesbian. If it weren't so vile and stupid, I might be able to muster a snicker.

    "The boy or girl homosexuals can say to God: "You have made ​​us like this!" Connotations of the individual and that each of us come from nature, are a fact, such as height, skin color, shape of the nose, pigmentation of the pupil; we do not have a choice. And even sexual impulses: are the components of the identity of each; are not diseases, they are not sin. does not have anything to do with the will and the free choices of the individual and therefore ethics, good or bad.

    The fifth column is the only one still standing in the so-called Catholic church. The other 4 columns were cut with thermate when the owners gave the go ahead to "pull it"....if you get my meaning.