Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bp. Williamson gives a shoutout to Francis

Bp. Williamson says the following in the above video at 49 minutes 33 seconds:

“Can you imagine?  That commanding resistant priests is like trying to herd cats.  Can you imagine?  Is it unimaginable?  In which case, is it worth trying if it's bound to fail? In it's...  It may be better not to attempt than to attempt and fail.  Some of you may think it would be better to attempt cause it might succeed.  I don't have the authority.  I don't, I..., I...,  

If ..., if ..., if ... by some miracle, Pope Francis rang me up next week and said,

"Your Excellency, you and I have had our divergences, but right now I am authorizing you to found a society.  You go right ahead for the good of the Church."  

"Uh, Holy Father, can I have that  in writing?"   

"Do you mind if I come to Rome and get that with your signature?" 

"Yes, of course."  


Then I'd be on the next plane to Rome.  I'd be on the next plane to Rome!  But without that, we're up a creek without a paddle.  And I don't, there's  not a solution.  So, in the resis..., in what is called the resistance movement, you're going to have a problem of authority.  Get used to the idea.”

Bp. Williamson is now a 'cat herder'


  1. Do you know something about this?

    1. Yes, we hope to have a post tomorrow up on Francis & the anglicans.

  2. Maybe he's been talkin' to Cardinal McCarrick's girl Wuerl's 'boys' ...

    1. Nothing surprises us these days. It is certainly possible. Williamson must be catching modernist fever. We hear it is a plague which has spread through the world leaving many victims in its wake.

  3. More bad fruits of the SSPX and their nutty theological positions as so beautifully described in Donald Sanborn's June 2014 newsletter that novus ordo watch posted the link to.

  4. After seeing SSPX priest Fr. Hewko claiming that the SSPX is beginning to teach Rudolf Bultmann in one of their seminaries, and considering how quickly Castro De Mayer's little South American traditionalist haven was assimilated into the novus ordo once Castro De Mayer died, it seems that Fellay and Williamson's business is to finish what Hutton Gibson and Bill Strojie alleged was the 'game plan' from the beginning - to catch any and all Catholics attempting to flee the novus ordo phoney masonic one world ecumenical replacement for the Catholic Church with their incense burning stained glass window pick and choose cafeteria "Catholic" religion - a true Hegelian thesis/antithesis/synthesis business of pre and Post V2 dogmas and doctrines all cooked together into a Lefebvrian stew.