Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Francis the modernist returns

Francis has been at it again in his homilies and Angelus addresses.  This time he tells an audience, "Torture is a mortal sin!"  No kidding, shouldn't even children know this fact?  Oh that's right, no one in Francis' Novus Ordo church knows what a catechism is but they do know all about the 'Cosmic Christ' of de Chardin. Next we have Francis with his favorite gem of wisdom, "Who am I to judge."  This time he changes it slightly to proclaim, "Don't judge others!"  That's right Francis says one shouldn't judge others as God is the final arbitrator lest you be judged.  One should judge the actions of a person but Francis doesn't even make this distinction.  He says not to correct someone's behavior out of concern for their souls rather, just pray for them.  One wonders if he has trademarked the phrase, "Who am I to judge!" as he spouts it off almost bi-weekly or some variant of it.  In the last video we see him go after the straw man of the mafia as he tells them they are excommunicated.  Why not name names?  Why stop with the mafia?  Why not include politicians who support abortion?  Remember,  the mafia is a pet peeve of Francis.  (see, Compassionate Francis?)  It amazes us he condemns one freemasonic group (mafia) but partners with other freemasonic groups (communists & sodomites) to fight the same first group.  Did he just judge someone?  We here at Call Me Jorge... are confused.  Do the words Francis the modernist uses mean what they have traditionally meant to Catholics or does the modernist give new meaning to them.  Alas, but who are we to judge?

Torture is a mortal sin!

Don't judge!

Mafia, you're excommunicated!

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