Sunday, June 29, 2014

Selfie Sunday #6 (the joker)

Dear Readers,

Why can't this man named Francis ever shut his mouth?  Recently, he granted an interview (yet another) to Franca Giansoldati. In the interview he was once again himself, making fun of the Catholic Faith.  This time Francis said, 
"The fact is that the woman was taken from a rib .. (he laughs heartily). I'm joking, mine is a joke."  
Francis is joking about the creation of Eve from the account of it in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.  Let's see: 1) making fun of an altar boy who has hands together out of reverence, 2) telling blasphemous jokes about Our Lord's Crucifixion, 3) kidding with a rabbi that he, Francis, is now a trapped at the Vatican, 4) joking with cardinals who elected him "may God forgive you for what you have done", 5) joking at his Angelus addresses, 6) etc... and 7) now making fun of how Eve was created?  

Could you see Francis telling the joke about the mobile gas vans during the holocaust or how about the one about the women who ate cut diamonds, excreted them and ate them again, day after day in the concentration camp, or what about the joke of how many Jews can fit into a shower room or on an electric conveyor belt?  Did you see him crack jokes during his trip to Israel?  Was he joking and laughing at Yad Vashem, the tomb of Theodor Herzl, or the Kotel (Wailing Wall)?

So what is his religion?  What is he praying and to whom is he praying, if he sees Catholicism as a joke?   

This man is a disgusting embarrassment of a human being.

- Call Me Jorge... 

P.S. We almost forgot, here is a selfie of Francis and Franca Giansoldati on Alitalia.

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  1. The demon possessing this guy rattles on like an endless blabbermouth. This sort of "talk" is what I experienced in the 1980s at my local American "Catholic" liberal novus ordo parish on Christmas Eve, when, having had difficulty getting to my more 'conservative' one that I normally frequented at the time (I was still a young pup not educated in what had happened to the Church and how these 'popes' were behind it all) I stanchly refused to accept "communion" from the "priest" who said that the "nativity stories in the Bible were made up by the Early Christians to explain how Jesus was born." This is typically what is being taught in the seminaries post Vatican II. It's Father Miceli's Gods of Atheism book all over again.

    We've all just had the feasts of the Great Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul. The remnant Faithful left need to beg them to pray for us to God to save us from this apostasy and for us all to Keep the FAITH no matter what happens.