Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sex on the table


Mark Wilkinson aka DJ Wilkinson recently released a new song, Half Life, and music video to accompany it. So far so good, but here is where it gets interesting... the Belfast Telegraph relates,

Half Light depicts a young couple – played by Irish actors Joanna Nixon and Diarmuid Noyes – simulating a sex scene on the altar of Good Shepherd Catholic Church on south Belfast's Ormeau Road....
...The video shows the pair – portraying a Catholic and a Protestant – meeting on a night out in a club and enjoying a drink and drug-fuelled evening together.
The pair take in some of the sights of Belfast while drink-driving and having a hedonistic dance-off atop a mountain.
The man then carries the girl over his shoulder into the chapel where he proceeds to quench his thirst by drinking from the holy water font before blessing himself.
The pair then jump and slide across the pews before stripping off and having 'sex' on the altar. Local director Aoife McArdle was given permission to film in the church, but local priests Father Patrick McKenna and Father Robert Fullerton were horrified when they viewed the video's content and successfully got the illicit scenes removed.
Another one from the you have to be kidding me file. Are these priests so stupid as to think, "Hey let's give permission to film a music video in a Novus Ordo church." Haven't they ever heard of the phrase sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll? Do they not know what this means? These priests gave permission  to film in the church  but decided not to surpervise the rock 'n roll video filmmakers.  Did they not ask around about Aoife's work or DJ Wilkinson's?  Is this the sorry excuse that passes for a, post Vatican II Novus Ordo, priest?

No dear reader, they didn't take Francis totally to heart with, "Who am I to judge?" When the dioceses was informed by parishioners they took action!  Fr. Fullerton read a statement after the Sunday service from the Diocese of Down and Connor,

"For these reasons, to protect the church and its parishioners, the Diocese of Down and Connor immediately brought these concerns to the attention of the distributors and creators of the material."
"No permission was either sought or granted to film the interior of the parish church within the context of any conduct or activities that were not relating to prayer or homage and in accordance with the sanctity of the church."
...And so the video was taken down from the internet and another more suitable video was put up in its place.  The subject matter and theme are the same in the edited version of Half Life, but none of the video takes place in a church anymore.   

We here at Call Me Jorge... just wrote about another blasphemous video El Cuerpo De Cristo which was shot in Argentina (see, Barf!) and now this from "Catholic" Ireland?  To think, Ireland used to export missionary priests to the world, now the priests & bishops they have in Belfast need to be catechized and given a good dose of common Catholic sense.

 Mark Wilkinson aka DJ Wilkinson

music video director, Aoife McArdle

Screenshots from video of the described scene. 

"Who am I to judge?"


  1. Who are u to judge Fr McKenna a good priest a holy man a living saint who has given his life to the service of the Lord, take a closer look at urself first!!!!!!!

    1. Are you for real??

      I honestly have to ask because the Novus Ordo sect has replaced 1900+ years of Immemorial Truth with solipsism and false ecumenism. Even mild criticism of Bergoglio or any of his flaming Modernist sycophants usually gets a response similar to the above comment.

      Virtually no one these days has a love of Truth, and God has sent us the operation of error (2 Thes 2:10) "That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity"

  2. The fact that the video has been taken down ,does not undo the Sacrilege that took place .the Parish Priest was probably naive to trust the people who made the film, and who totally abused a Sacred place of Worship .If there's one thing glaringly obvious ,its that this abuse and disrespect would never happen in a Protestant church ,Mosque ,Synagogue ,or Buddhist temple.

    1. I agree - the devil doesn't waste his time "desecrating" so called "sacred spaces" that already worship him via their false religious worship. Putting the phoney sacrifice of Cain novus ordo missae wasn't enough for him -he's got to do all he can since he knows his time is short and he's using all the "Power" that has been given him "to make war against the saints and to overcome them." As far as the blind person complaining/commenting at the beginning of the comments here, I consider them to be among those that Christ prophesied would attack the remaining few true Catholics with the Apostolic Faith intact, as one of those who would persecute and put to death those, thinking they were doing His will. They have no sense of what real charity is anymore - their morality and their values have become completely inverted of what they were before Vatican II - and this is what the Prophet Isaiah spoke of as happening in the last days with evil being called good and good evil, etc.

  3. The fault of the priests here is very great. They must repent and do penance - and never let people use the holy church for their own purposes again. I hope the Church, sanctuary and altar were reconsecrated as necessary after such an egregious desecration - there is a formal rite which is required to be followed. I hope the bishop has admonished all the priests of his diocese never to allow people to use the sacred space of a church for their own profane purposes (never mind the unspeakable evil that was done on this occasion). The bishop also needs to teach the Faithful and reassure them that the necessary reconsecration has been carried out before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can be offered there again. This was truly diabolical. What profound contempt for God, for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament! How Satan must have been pleased. Reparation! Reparation! Reparation!