Saturday, June 28, 2014

Suor Cristina's night out of the convent

Suor Cristina was back on Italian television last night.  She was on the program Donne Ad Alta Quota on the Italian channel Rai Due.  Remember her defenders giving the reason she sang profane songs as opposed to sacred ones was due to her not having any control over The Voice of Italy?  Well, Suor Cristina got her big chance to prove her critics wrong and she... 

...instead proved them right as once again she sang What a Feeling from the movie Flashdance.  Her big opportunity to sing something suitable and she went back to her old favorite.  We republish what we wrote on this song from Is Suor Cristina's sister act finally over?,
We comment on this song even though we have written a previous post on it.  The sole reason for this is, Suor Cristina chose it as her final song and What a Feeling is the theme of the movie Flashdance hence when one hears it they associate the movie with it.  In the film the anti-heroine is a steel welder who is an exotic dancer, pole-dancer, stripper however one would like to term it who chases her dreams of making the big time by dancing for the dance Conservatory in her city.  The movie ends with her incorporating street dance moves into her repertoire, winning the dance audition, and getting her guy.  Remind you of anyone?  Suor Cristina maybe?
Suor Cristina was out there once again glorifying God on Italian television!  She changed back to her blueish grey habit.  In all the pictures of her we have seen of her in the habit before her appearance on The Voice she was wearing this color.  Where as on The Voice she wore black,  leading us to conclude it was for show business.  What a fraud, singing profane songs with worldly lyrics while dressing in the colors one typically associates with nuns all for the false god of television.

While we here at Call Me Jorge... are on the subject of music, just to show Suor Cristina isn't an exception we have videos of two priests at weddings.   The first video is already famous having been in the newspapers, on television, and on the internet.  It is Fr. Ray Kelly singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah at a wedding he was officiating on April the 5th.  Fr. Kelly modified the lyrics to the occasion.

Fr. Ray Kelly has since gone on to sign a recording contract.  Which bring us to Don Bruno Maggioni, at Italian weddings.  Don Maggioni chooses to sing a disco song, Mamma Maria by Ricchi e Poveri at every wedding he oversees.  What a great gift to the bride and groom!  Some videos of him performing this song from his different performances.  One groom wrote on youtube, "The best priest in the world singing and dancing to the rhythm of Mamma Maria of Ricchi e Poveri during my marriage."  Also, notice the big banner of Francis prominently displayed in the church, which looks like a gymnasium to us, with one of his trite clichés.

Each of the three people were in different situations but what do they all have in common which has resulted in them having no Catholic sense of the sacred?  That's right they all attend and participate in the man created, man centered, work of human hands, the Novus Ordo Missae!  See dear reader, even when the Novus Ordo church has the chance to sing something sacred they instead sing the profane which the world loves.  God not so much...   Their public actions leaves one no choice but to judge them as modernists.  The true colors of the Novus Ordo always shine through for the world to see, if they would only stop trying to explain it all away.  Remember Francis has the cure for this disease, more Vatican II in the correct spirit & more Novus Ordo!


  1. "Her big opportunity to sing something suitable and she went back to her old favorite."
    The sad thought is that for Suor Cristina that IS considered a suitable song. "As a dog that returneth to his vomit, so is the fool that repeateth his folly." -- Proverbs 26:11

  2. Ursuline sisters (and many many others orders) DO have different habits for winter/summer, not only for the fabrics, but the color too. That's the way it goes for all sisters, not just Suor Cristina.