Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bergoglio's first job

 We here at Call Me Jorge... have often wondered when Francis' relationship with the Talmudic Jews began.  While researching the bombing of the AMIA building we came across an interesting tidbit that then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio shared during his visit to the AMIA memorial.  The following excerpt is from El Papa Francisco y su cercana relación con la comunidad judía on LV12Online's website.

The then Archbishop of Buenos Aires called the AMIA bombing as "a link in the chain of pain and persecution that the chosen people of g-d's wins in history," and during his historic visit to community building revealed that his first job was in the textile business of a Jewish businessman, which may be the source of his affection for "the community".

Not satisfied with only a sentence, we poked around and found out a few more details in the article, En su visita a la AMIA, Bergoglio firmó el libro de visitas ilustres y reveló que su primer empleo fue en una textil judía, published by Agencia Judia de Noticias.

During the meeting with community leaders, the priest revealed that he had lived "Various experiences with people in the community."  
Mark Dayan, a member of the executive committee, asked for more details of  his statements and found that when young he worked for a Jewish businessmen 

"Bergoglio said he worked in a mill and a textile factory, which were his first steps in the work force," commented the leader.
The cardinal said he was 14 years old when he took his first steps in the work force.
"I will never forget, because young people at that time worked on vacation and my father sent me to work on what was my first working vacation," related Bergoglio. 

Call Me Jorge... has a nagging feeling that Jorge Bergoglio's relationship with the Rabbinical Jews began even earlier.  Perhaps one day the full story will come out. 

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  1. Good research.

    It's interesting that Francis' father would send him to work at a Judaic textile mill. In Buenos Aires, 'Jews' got started in the the textile business by selling textiles which they stole from Italian textile merchants: