Monday, July 14, 2014

Blast from the Bergoglio past (2004)

Jorge Bergoglio, Jorge Kirszenbaum and Julio Toker

Stepping back in time to 2004 one can see Jorge Bergoglio already firmly in the Talmudic camp.  In the article, El Holocausto será estudiado en escuelas católicas, from La Capital published on 30 April 2004, one reads that Jorge agreed to make Holocaustry part of the education to be taught in the Catholic schools under his control.  When did Jorge pick up this love for all things Talmudic and his aversion to Our Lord's Crucifixion?  Are there any readers from Argentina who could help fill us in with pertinent information?  The Vatican long ago adopted Talmudism and yearly seeks its kosher stamp from the rabbis.  Will Francis take it to a new level after his recent groundbreaking trip of apostasy to Israel?

The Holocaust will be studied in Catholic schools
The Holocaust will be studied in Catholic schools in the diocese under the management of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, Catholic schools in Buenos Aires will have seminars on anti-discrimination, the Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which would be provided by a specialist from the Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA). 

This was announced by the president of DAIA, Jorge Kirszenbaum, after holding a meeting with the cardinal in Buenos Aires at the headquarters of the Israeli entity, which operates in the reconstructed building Amia at 633 Pasteur.  

Kirszenbaum said, "we were discussing the possibility of making the Church, through schools that depend on it, the disseminator of a work by the middle of social studies of DAIA on topics such as anti-discrimination, and teaching about the Holocaust the Warsaw ghetto uprising," among other topics.  

The Jewish leader said that the aim of this initiative is to highlight, "everything is on the fight against repression and for human values."

Kirszenbaum, who emphasized that, "this visit not only confirms the excellent link," between the Catholic and Jewish communities also added that, "we have talked enough about the concern that the Church shares with us about the events of the trial for the bombing of AMIA and DAIA."

He noted further that, "both the Catholic Church and the Jewish community are absolutely concerned," about the high levels of unemployment, and that, "the idea is to see how we perform tasks in that senseto help mitigate the pain and suffering of our brothers."

For more on this meeting which happened read La Nacion's article, Firmes coincidencias entre la Iglesia y la DAIA.


  1. What a laugh for the "Jewish community" to have "concern" about the "high level of unemployment" in the world when the Talmudic London, NY et al banksters are creating the world wide economic collapse in the first place, to turn the goy into serfs, as Alex Jones likes to say, on the global plantation.

    If they weren't all engaging in usury then maybe we wouldn't have unemployment in the first place, especially if the Jews were not engaging in financing communists whenever and wherever they can. Look at how the Schiffs and Warburgs helped Trotsky, Lenin and the rest with the Russian revolution. They even openly admit it now. But they're going to help us all out! Thanks but no thanks. We've seen how your "Help" works and most of humanity doesn't need any more of this "help."

  2. The AMIA bombing was a false flag terror operation intended to generate international hatred for entities that Counterfeit Israel hates and pave the way for Holocaustianity.

    AMIA false flag:

    Bergoglio worked with the AMIA to install a shrine to the bombing and 'Holocaust' in the sanctuary of the Buenos Aires Cathedral.

    Here is Bergoglio venerating a shrine to the AMIA bombing:

    Note that Francis recently made news by calling the Chief Rabbi of Rome on the phone to express his grief for the reportedly kidnapped and murdered three Judaic teenagers:

    Francis seems to have had nothing to say about the Orthodox Judaics who kidnapped a Palestinian boy, beat him with a tire iron, force-fed him gasoline and then lit him on fire. Neither did Francis have anything to say about the hoocausted Palestinian boy's cousin being nearly beaten to death by Israeli 'police.'

    In response to the latest Israeli one-sided destruction of the West Bank and Gaza, Francis brought his 'balance' proclaiming "Never again war!" "Everything is destroyed by war." No Francis, you are destroying whatever residual respect for the previously respectable office of the papacy remains with your attempts at painting the savage Israelis as victims and their fish-in-a-barrel massacre in Gaza as a "war."

    1. Thanks Maurice! When we have some time we will check all this information out.