Friday, July 11, 2014

Football jersey Friday #4 - World Cup Edition

Lionel Messi, super-fan Jorge Bergoglio, and Diego Maradona.

With Brazil getting blown out by Germany 7 to 1 in the semifinals one has to wonder if Francis was praying for the Brazilian squad to make it to the championship match.  See everything Francis prays for goes horribly wrong!  Cases in point, Venezuela, Columbia, Iraq, Ukraine, the Palestinian Territories, just go to the Vatican website and check out the prayer intentions for the week & month.  More often than not disaster strikes!  Below are two videos of Francis receiving his favorite gifts, football jerseys.  The Vatican museums are going to have to open a new wing to house all the swag he has been receiving from professional football players. 

Photo taken inside Vatican showing Francis' shrine to football.

Germany vs. Argentina 

Benedict XVI vs. Francis

Will the Vatican be divided for the World Cup Final?  

Jerseys from Argentina, Brazil, San Lorenzo and more!

Francis receives a Columbia jersey

Showing where his allegiance lies.

Argentinian fans attribute the header going off the post in the Switzerland v. Argentina game to super-fan Francis!
(Pictures from Twitter)

Argentina's fans credit the tough defense of the football squad to Francis in victory against Netherlands.

If that wasn't enough, on twitter the hashtag D10S has been reserved for photos of Lionel Messi.  Get it Messi's number is 10 and add the D & S  which gives you dios, Spanish for God.


  1. God is not mocked. Even if people give themselves license to be stupid blasphemous antichrists with big grins on their faces; God is not mocked.

  2. Professional and Collegiate sports has been one way, in my opinion, the devil has sought to turn male Catholics, and men in society in general, away from the thought and service of God to things that completely do not matter. With women it may be stupid popular singers, movie stars, and stupid romance novels - with men, if the out and out porn doesn't get them, then this ridiculous stupid obsession with sports will. Yes, sports have their place and can teach people teamwork and so forth, but people have made a religion and a god of such things. I hear people all the time who can quote stats where sports are concerned but could not list the Ten Commandments to save their soul. Really, talk about the inversion of order.