Thursday, July 31, 2014

more evangelicals visited Francis in 2013

Pastor Jorge Himitián another Evangelical friend of Francis.

"He (Francis) seems more like a charismatic preacher than a (Catholic) priest or a bishop."
- Jorge Himitián -

In 2003 Jorge Himitián met the lay leader of the Catholic Charismatic Movement, Matteo Calisi, when Calisi traveled to Buenos Aires. Through Calisi, Himitián met Giovanni Traettino and others in the movement.  In 2005, Calisi organized a one day retreat at UCA de Puerto Madero with over 800 people in attendance. Half were Charismatic catholics and the other half were Evangelicals. The following year in 2006 Matteo Calisi organized a meeting in Luna Park with two featured speakers, Raniero Cantalamessa, the preacher of the Pontifical Household, and Giovanni Traettino from the evangelical side. It was at this meeting Himitián met Bergoglio and their friendship began. Since that fateful day in 2006, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Evangelicals met every two months until he was elected to succeed Benedict XVI. The meetings took place at halls, churches, in cities, towns, and once a year a retreat lasting three days for pastors and priests was held.  Don't forget they still had their annual gathering of C.R.E.C.E.S. (Renewed Community of Catholics and Evangelicals in the Holy Spirit).

 Six Evangelicals from Argentina visit their old friend Francis.

A few months after his election, some of the pastors from Argentina were traveling to Europe and dropped in to see Francis. The ministers were Jorge Himitián, Norberto Saracco, Carlos Mraida, Omar Cabrera, Angel Negro y Humberto Golluscio. The meeting lasted for 80 minutes. It consisted of small talk and prayer just like the old days in Argentina when they used to get together. Sometime during this encounter Jorge Himitián slipped Francis a letter from Giovanni Traettino in which he wrote, he would like to continue his friendship with Francis and invited him to visit his congregation in Caserta. Francis responded to Himitián to tell Traettino he would visit him sometime in the future but the visit would be a private one. Francis specified he would not be representing the Catholic Church when he came to visit and Giovanni wouldn't be representing the Evangelicals. It would just be two old friends coming together. 

During this visit Himitián also shared with Francis what many were feeling which was, 

"God has chosen you to be a prophet to the nations and you should not be afraid to pronounce the word of God just as He has given it to you."

Himitián has also stated Raniero Cantalamessa told him that Martin Luther was correct and people are saved by faith alone. Cantalamessa further told him the 1997 agreement, The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, signed by the Vatican and Lutherans agrees on this. Lastly, Jorge Himitián has said he felt it was only a matter of time until the Evangelicals and the Catholics merge as their differences are not that great and can be negotiated. According to him, one day God will sort it all out.

"What we see and it is clear, is that if we evangelize without proselytizing we are going to fill both evangelical and Catholic churches."
- Jorge Himitián -

An interesting side note is Himitián's daughter, Evangelina has written a biography of Francis which is in production to being made a movie. Evangelina has even met with Francis to personally give him his own copy of the book.

Evangelina presenting Francis with his biography.

Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Evangelina Himitián, 
and Jose Ignacio Lopez discuss Francis.



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