Monday, July 28, 2014

photos from Francis' 2nd trip to Caserta to see the evangelicals

...and three videos

 The papal econobox arrives at Giovanni Traettino's home.

 A big crowd turns out to see the rock star Francis.

 Papal security was working extra hard.

 Leaving the home after privately meeting with Traettino.

 Getting ready to depart for Traettino's less than half built mega box.

Arriving at Traettino's mega box.

Waving to his adoring fans.

 Has to carry his black briefcase and keep in character.

 More waving to his fawning fans.

 Spiritual hugs all around!

 Why is this guy kissing Francis' hand?

 Entering the mega box.

 More fans gawking at Francis.

 Thank goodness the evangelicals brought cameras!

 Applause for what?

 Giovanni Traettino & Francis on center stage.

 Francis looking at his notecards.

 Francis receiving the evangelical holy spirit!

We feel a spiritual hug is about to happen.

 Giovanni, I'm sorry there were mean Catholics in the past.

 How is it legal in Italy to use a construction site as a evangelical hall?

 Giovanni shares some words of love with Francis.

 Two buddies, Jorge & Giovanni.

 Is it lunch time yet?

 More adulation for the rock star.

 Francis loves being the center of everything!

 White isn't very becoming on growing Francis.

 Francis had such a fun time.

 Getting back in the papal econobox.

Waving good-bye!

To read what Francis told Giovanni Traettino and the gathered evangelicals read,  


  1. After hearing his adoring fans shouting "fran-ces-co! fran-ces-co!" I imagine someone in the crowd shouting "free-bird!" and then bergoglio grabs the mic and dedicates this song to his soul brother traettino....

    If I leave here tomorrow
    Would you still remember me?
    For I must be traveling on now
    'Cause there's too many heretics I've got to see.

    But if I stayed here with you, my soul brother,
    Things just couldn't be the same.
    'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
    And this pope you can not change, oh, oh, oh, oh.
    And this pope you can not change.
    And this pope you can not change.
    Lord knows I can't change.


    By the way did bergoglio even mention a word on this day in memory of Tony Palmer -- his "brother bishop"? Wouldn't this have been an appropriate time for him to express his sorrow -- assuming he feels any sorrow for this loss?

    But no! Because that would have stolen the spotlight from "me" -- because it's all about "me" being the center of attention with bergoglio. 'cause he's a rock star! He even has his face "on the cover of the Roling Stone".


    And by the way, the man is turning into a human blimp. The papal tailors must have to let out the seams every night while he is sleeping.

    bergoglio is turning the papacy into a laughing stock. The man has no dignity. He simply uses his office to promote whatever anti-Catholic agenda he has been cooking up for the last umpteen years.

    Kyrie eleison!

    1. Michael - if you have not noticed, but I had a young Catholic, well trained by his parents in the Faith, point out to my husband and I around ten years ago, is that none of these Vatican II "popes" ever do the three fingers together donating the Trinity and make a Sign of the Cross over the crowd, or if they do, it's fairly rare. He said Wojtyla/John Paul II always made triangles, and that seemed to be true from videos I watched. The other 'gesture' they seem to do, which Wojtyla did a LOT, was the taking both hands and gesturing towards themselves, like "gimme gimme gimme the LUV!" Which your comment here about "it's all about me" rang true with that particular gesture that I ALWAYS saw him do. I haven't watched enough video yet of Bergoglio to watch what he does and don't know enough about what Montini or Roncalli did to know if they were quite that narcisscistic about their gestures, though the damage Montini did to the Church can hardly be equaled by the rest of them, which is why Bill Strojie thought he was the Antichrist. He certainly fulfilled the bit "sitting in the temple of God as though he were God, changing all laws" prophecy.