Thursday, August 21, 2014

100th Anniversary of Pope Saint Pius X's death

Or watch at (click here)


  1. That video says it all, doesn't it?

    Pope St. Pius XII, scourge of the modernists, pray for us.

    Kyrie eleison. Cristo eleison. Kyrie eleison.

  2. Pope St. Pius X, scourge of the modernists, pray for us.

    Kyrie eleison. Cristo eleison. Kyrie eleison

  3. Indeed, they are also strong supporters of ecumenism of which St Maximilien Kolbe stated is the enemy of The Immaculata. However we regard liberal modernists they are the enemy within the church who scatter the sheep.

  4. Through his words and actions we can well understand why Frances I has nervous disorders.

  5. How did Bishop Fellay celebrate this 100th anniversary of the death of his Society's patron saint? Huh?

    1. That's an excellent question! We'll see if we can find out.

    2. There is an article here on the US SSPX website commemorating the death of Pope St. Pius X although it does not mention any specific celebrations.

      The article links to a "photo gallery of some images of Pope St. Pius X's funeral and resting place."

      I'm sure there must have been private celebrations, but I'm surprised that there is no news of large public celebrations by the SSPX. Does anyone have additional information?

  6. The video using the Hee Haw music about Bergoglio's hand pumping the crowd really fits. It goes along with what I deem with the last several US presidents playing what I call the "Bubba" role. When Carter was in, he didn't play that role but his brother Billy (whom Carter got LOTS of flack over) naturally fulfilled a Bubba role associated with the White House. Later on, with Bill Clinton "That depends on what IS means" and George W Bush's gaffisms (someone on youtube did an excellent video on Bush running for governor in Texas showing what an intelligent, articulate guy he was and how he was NOT this dumb "bubba" guy he 'played' in the White House) and then Obama does this - and then we see this with the Vatican II "popes" playing this man-of-the-people role while holding seeming contempt for the dignity of the office. I think the bubba role is a cover for their very deliberate wickedness at promoting the one world order of Antichrist.

    One could also mention that the Vatican II 'popes" oftentimes have a downright wicked look in their eyes or on their faces, whereas the pre Vatican II popes oftentimes have a sad, even tortured, aspect, full of sweetness and lacking in malice - rather radiating virtue, if anything. The visage says a lot. Pius X's visage was completely full of this -sadness and virtuousness exemplified.

    We do need to storm heaven and especially Pius X for prayers to be delivered of these antipopes if the Church is ever to have a resurrection from the V2 apostasy before the Parousia. The protestant pro family group American Family Association, which has always tried to support Catholics, has been documenting how even the protestant chaplains are being thrown out of the military, along with the novus ordo chaplains, in favor of witches and satanists. Preparing the way for the military of the Antichrist? Certainly seems plausible.