Tuesday, August 5, 2014

cold call Francis warms up for his August 8th phone interview with a 2nd phone call to the Carmelite sisters

Francis has another interview scheduled for 8 August 2014 with Padre Joaquin Giangreco on the parochial radio station of Campo Gallo. (For more on Giangreco scroll down below the video.) Like the professional football athletes he so admires, Francis also believes in intermittent training. Coming off his working vacation Francis warmed up for the interview this past weekend with a second phone call to the cloistered Carmelite community of nuns in Lucena, Spain. 


Padre Joaquin Giangreco's interview with Francis will be the first ever live radio interview for a pontiff.  No word yet on whether or not Francis will be taking callers' questions.  Giangreco is one of Francis' famous street priests of Argentina and their history goes back some years.

 Joaquin Giangreco visiting Francis in 2013.

 Jorge Mario Bergoglio anointing Joaquin Giangreco's hands with oil.

Giangreco was ordained by Bergoglio.

 Giangreco likes to sing and is also a fan of San Lorenzo de Almagro football.

Uh, oh!  Don't let Michael Voris see this! 
Giangreco giving communion in the hand!

Giangreco celebrating the Novus Ordo Missae.


  1. I knew this "priest", he was in the church of San Juan Diego, in my neighborhood, and in a mass,the last mass I went there, he wished, before us, the parishioners, that the books os St Thomas Aquinas were burned...He quoted the Saint, as saying that his works were like straw,and wanted them to be burned,and that was his desire( of Giangreco) too.
    This is true, I grant you ...

    1. While St. Thomas may have been speaking out of total humility, this guy is probably a flaming modernist who cannot bear the logic and reason behind the TRUTH of what God used His Saint, Thomas Aquinas, to reveal to the Church as He had chosen him to become one of his Doctors for the Faith.

      Your account is not surprising; the great book burning of pre Vatican II books went on after the Council en masse. Remember William Levada told my priest friend - Levada who ended up heading what used to be the Holy Office under Ratzinger -that "everything before Vatican II was garbage" so of course this guy would want to resign Thomas Aquinas to the fire like the Modernist-nazi he is.

    2. He is my brother, and he is NOT A MODERNIST-NAZI. AND HE DIDNT SAY what the first comment said. you dont know him so dont judge. he is an amazing man, while you are here criticizing him, he is out there helping the people in need..