Thursday, August 14, 2014

coming soon to a Novus Ordo Third Order near you


  1. Just because the world is crazy doesn't mean we have to follow.

  2. Yeah: hell pay visit to the city of (Greek) 'brotherly love' to promote Satan's teachings on 'the family' ...

    The archbishop told a July 24 gathering of Native American Catholics in North Dakota that Francis accepted an invitation to come to Philadelphia Sept. 25-27 to take part in the World Meeting of Families, a triennial international gathering promoting Catholic teachings on the family.

    Read more:

    Pope Francis told NBC News he will be paying a visit to the city of brotherly love.

  3. This promotion of homosexuality seems to go hand in hand with World Jewry. I know protestants Texe Marrs and Ted Pike allege that the Talmud endorses such things, and I recall years ago my mom reading me something about a young Israeli that was horrified and traumatized when he saw the openly homosexual encounters going on within the Mossad when he was recruited into that group. Unfortunately I don't have a source for that information - just memory recollection from my mom reading me the details of this young person's horror over what they witnessed - and this person was a devout Jew who thought he was coming to serve his country by joining Mossad.

    This Pesando character I feel very sorry for - what does the Scripture say about the person who sins will be guilty but God will find the person who should have warned them or told them that what they were doing was wrong will be found more guilty before the Throne of God? Think about that all you novus ordo apostasy excusers!