Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Francis' elder brothers shower Gaza with Talmudic love


Francis bows to Israeli flag

Bergoglio lights menorah in synagogue

How Israel fully destroyed Gaza in one hour

Israel dropping bombs on ambulances

Jon Snow on Gaza


  1. Thank you for these videos. The only way you can really know the horror of war is to see it for yourself.

  2. Good article ,shared it on Pope Francis's face book page.

  3. ---->>>>dailystormer.com

  4. Clearly this demonstrates exactly why Israel Shahak claimed in his book JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION why so many people end up literally hating the Jews for their religion - the Talmudic religion, not the old religion of pre Catholic true Faith - for justifying such behavior towards their fellow man. He's gotten all kinds of flack for that book but it was a real eye opener for me. I hope that him and other Jews of good will are soon to be converted as we are already deep into the Great Apostasy. One can only hope that the return of Enoch and Elias will be soon.