Thursday, August 28, 2014

Francis the modernist takes his sideshow outside again!

No more is the sweltering Roman summer heat causing Francis to hold his Wednesday general audience inside the monstrosity known as the Paul VI Audience Hall.  The show is now back in St. Peter's Square, where the adoring mobs can listen to Francis tell them such modernist gems as:

Dis-unity is a sin!

Stop gossiping!

If one so desires, one can watch the entire circus show below.


  1. When the Israelis began the Gaza carnage, "like shooting fish in a barrel" (George Galloway), the world media conveniently put out news about Bergski's bad health - overweight due to serious heart condition etc etc, and the distress of his Chinese kung fu doctor over the reversal of all the progress, and the cancellation of all his July circus acts. Now thanks to the intercession of Pope Paul VI (the canonization miracle for sure!), he can go out in the sweltering heat and his friends can stock up on ammo for their next fish-in-barrel-shoot of the Palestinians.

  2. Indeed, it is and the liberal modernists like good disciples of the devil sowed the seeds of discord with their already anathematised protestant vernacular ecumenical liturgy which has poisoned the Faith of many millions of catholics and almost destroyed church unity in the liturgy.

  3. I think frannie must be a big gossip - he's always calling up everybody, he's already given more interviews (and longer interviews) than JP2 did in 25 years, and in public he can't shut up. Maybe the next time he says that, the audience should shout out "we forgive you, pope francis"; now make a good act of contrition while we absolve you. I mean after all if he wants us to bless him; maybe what he's really crying out for here is help.

    Re: disunity in the Body of Christ being a sin. I only wish Pope Francis was a member instead of a cut off withering branch that is good only to be thrown into the fire.