Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Francis plays the death card

On the return flight from Seoul to Rome, Francis gave another interview.  In the answer to one of the questions, Francis predicts his own demise in two or three years after which he goes (as he points upwards) to the house of the father.


  1. First of all, he doesn't know how long God will leave him alive, as none of us does. I've seen plenty of really frail, ill people hang on far longer than someone who was far healthier who all of a sudden was struck down with a fast moving cancer or something like that and died before the person who everyone was expecting to die any minute. This oftentimes happens in the nursing homes as well - the doctors expect someone to die, take them off all their meds, and they perk up. (One could make a comment about pharmaceuticals at this point but....)

    He thinks about his "sins" and "laments" that he only has "two or three years"? What is this? The devil knows his time is short or something? He is doing everything he can, as far as I can see, to destroy what remains of the dignity of the papal office and of the Church's doctrines and dogmas, especially regarding sexual morality. And then he follows those comments with then we're off to the house of the Father? That came across a bit presumptuous - presumption of salvation is a sin against the Holy Ghost but that's probably another thing the novus ordoites have become completely clueless about, as it most orthodoxy anymore.

  2. Two OR three years? Some prediction!

  3. Did the Holy Spirit whisper this into his ear!?...I agree with both comments...