Monday, August 25, 2014

Francis prays for peace in Ukraine on Sunday...

...on Monday the Ukrainian Parliament is dissolved! 

This past Sunday at the Angelus recited by Francis he spoke of the Ukraine:

"My thoughts go in a particular way to the beloved land of Ukraine to all its sons and daughters, to their yearning for peace and tranquility, threatened by a situation of tension and conflict that continues unabated, causing so much suffering among the population."

"Let us entrust the whole nation to the Lord Jesus and to the Madonna, and let us pray together above all for the victims, their families, and all those who suffer."

"Let us pray together to the Madonna for this beloved land of Ukraine, on its Independence Day." 

After saying this Francis then led the crowd in reciting the Hail Mary.

One day later...

Ukraine President Poroshenko announces he has dissolved parliament on his twitter account with a follow-up youtube video.



No word yet, if Francis prayed for France's government which resigned today!


  1. Why would God listen to Francis when Francis doesn't listen to God?

  2. The Devil listens to Pope Zio Pimp VI

  3. Can Francis pray for the British Government?

    1. Yes, let's have him pray for the Anglican Church or something, along with those phoney protestant monarchs. That would do the English some real good. Maybe the conversion of England would start to begin. Let's have him pray for the communist chinese government as well - then the conversion of China could begin.