Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Francis' radio address and one question interview in Brazil 2013

This is a Vatican Radio English translation of a broadcast made by Pope Francis after lunch on Saturday 27 July 2013, when he visited the studios of " Cathedral Radio" in Rio de Janeiro, where he spoke the following words:

Good morning, good evening to all the listeners. Thank you for your attention here and I thank the members of the Radio for the kindness in giving me the microphone. I thank them and I'm looking at the radio and I see that media today is very important. I would say that a radio, a Catholic Radio pulpit today is the closest we have. And 'where we can announce, through radio, human values, religious values, and above all to proclaim Jesus Christ, the Lord; give the Lord the grace to make room for Him in our lives. So I greet you and thank you for all the effort of this archdiocese to have a radio and keep it, with a network so great. To all you listeners I ask you to pray for me, pray for this radio, to pray for the bishop, to pray for the Archdiocese, so that we unite in prayer and work, as the priest said earlier, for a more human culture, more rich in values, and does not exclude anyone. That we all work for that word that isn’t liked these days: solidarity. It 'a word that one tends to try to put aside, again, because it is annoying and yet it is a word that reflects the human and Christian values ​​that today we are urged to go against - as the priest repeated a little while ago - the culture of waste , according to which everything is excludable. A culture that always leaves out the people: excludes the children, excludes the young, the elderly, excludes all those who are not needed, that do not produce and this can not be! In contrast, solidarity includes all. You must continue to work for this culture of solidarity and for the Gospel.

The Pope is asked a question on the importance of the family:

Not only would say that the family is important for the evangelization of the New World, The family is important, it is necessary for the survival of humanity. If there is no family, the cultural survival of humanity is at risk. The family, like it or not, is the basis.

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