Monday, August 18, 2014

Novus Ordo tv show on LGBTQ or whatever politically correct term they are calling perversion these days

So much is wrong and anti-Catholic in these videos we will only comment with three sentences.  This is the church of Francis & Benedict XVI.  It is the Novus Ordo church.  How do you like being a member of it?

"Who are We to Judge?" Episode 1 (4 minutes)

"Who are We to Judge?" Episode 2 (3 min 30 sec)

"Who are We to Judge?" Episode 3 (3 min 20 sec)



  2. The minute a LBGT (Q?) person decides to live in sodomic sin or change the sexual identity that God gave them, they cease to be Catholic. The NO Church has allowed this heresy to continue and will finish the job at the synod in Oct. The Jesuit priest in the video is already looking forward to it. Hell is ready to break loose.

  3. a direct result of the bishop of rome saying-who am i to judge!!lord god almighty help us.philip johnson.

  4. Y r u all so_oh judgmental. Ugh it's like hello there, Vatican 2 happened 50years ago, and the people of God have evolved beyond your stinky little promethean neopelagianism. Leferbrvre died excommunicated, and a saint, jp2 the greatest agreed with his excommunication, so nah nah a boo boo. Who are y'all to judge anyway? Y'all aren't a future doctors of the church like jp2. So like get over it already. The church is about acceptance and mercy and FEELINGS. It's a field hospital for the UN. these videos show the people of god, they show the pilgrim church on it's way, they are beautiful! Our brother pope Francis is so humble how dare you question and criticise him all the time. Yall are just a bunch of Protestants, making yourselves the final arbiter of the faith. Ugh!

  5. The doors of Catholic Churches have always been open to anyone who wanted to enter ,no one was asked their sexuality at the entrance or even their religion so what is the welcome home all about,it seems that many gay people will only go to Mass on their terms ,it like a new religion ,its all about people power ,God is pushed to the sidelines ,people are now attempting to dictate to God under what terms they will attend Church ,God is expected to bend to the will of the people.

  6. This is still one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance, and constitute sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. The sexual act was meant primarily for the procreation of children. Even the novus ordo marrieds get that wrong anymore, thinking that somehow the satisfaction of carnality comes first.

    I actually heard a protestant minister, Scott Lively, give a very good talk about a year or two ago, about how when the protestant sects accepted a contraceptive mentality, it was the bridge to 'gay' marriage. Because, he said, once marriage began being defined as just the satisfaction of carnal lust as the primary end and reason for marriage, then any sort of 'union' that officially fulfills that end could be looked upon as a legitimate 'marriage.' I thought he was thinking pretty much like a Catholic. He was lamenting how many protestant ministers won't touch that subject with a thirty foot pole; however, the vast majority of novus ordoites either practice artificial contraception against even what the novus ordo had held to be against the natural and divine law (sin of Onan and all of that - maybe that's why Ratzinger wanted to call the book of Tobias "apocryphal" in his footnotes on the Hebrew People, along with the other Catholic canonical books like the heretics do?), but even when they practice so called "natural family planning" they look upon it with a contraceptive mentality, not trusting at all in Divine Providence, but rather wanting to be "in charge" of the entire process, not relying or trusting in God to send them the children He means them to have, therefore, effectively, shutting Him out of the entire process. And isn't that the whole business of all this - just another way to shut God out of the picture and out of people's lives? The inversion of the order of things reigns in our day of the reign of the Antichrist to come.